Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Album quilt top is finished, and I'm so happy with it. 

 It looks just like the picture of the antique quilt, and I can't quite believe I did it.  I was so unsure about all the set-in seams, and whether I could make the blocks measure the exact size that they needed to be. 
I'm so thrilled with these blocks, they are just spot-on; I normally make patterns where I can fudge the less than perfect blocks, and I never worry too much about cut-off points and such.  This quilt really made me lift my game, and that's a good thing every now and then.
 The first lot of blocks weren't correct, so I worked on getting the right seam allowance, which made things better.  I discovered that I needed to use an Omnigrid ruler to cut the strips, it was the most accurate of all the different brands I own.  I find it requires more attention when I'm cutting, because of all the markings, but once I was used to it I seldom made a mistake.  And the perfect blocks were worth the effort.

And they had to be perfect with this setting; they had to be the right measurements, and they had to have the right angles, or they wouldn't fit with the set-in squares.  I unpicked a lot of seams to make this as good as it could be, so this is going down as one of my favourite quilt tops.  I want to quilt it with lots of feathers and make it really special.  Wonder when I'll find time for that?


Brenda 7:10 AM  


audrey 6:16 PM  

It's a great quilt! I love how you wrote that this one made you 'lift your game and that's a good thing'. Once in awhile I find myself in the same position, having to make sure I do a better job with my sewing. Most of the time I don't mind the less precise piecing, but it's good to be able to when I want to!!

Gypsy Quilter 2:40 AM  

Simply wonderful quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Musgrave 10:36 PM  

Those are absolutely beautiful! Making me feel slightly guilty about my first attempt which has lain abandoned upstairs for about three years! Should have started with something less ambitious than a kingsized one perhaps?

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