Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where was I?  I seem to have spent most of April driving, 1800km back and forth to Adelaide, and all over the city.  I'm relieved to have a bit of time at home now.

My DS is back in Queensland, we had a wonderful time together.  We spent the last five days of his visit in Adelaide with DD, and we took Dolly with us.  She didn't mind, and had four adults to lavish attention on her, she was so spoilt.  We took her with us to National Parks and many dog parks,

so she got to do the tourist thing too. 
 She even came to a dog-friendly cafe for lunch!

What a whirlwind it was, so many sights to see, so much Traffic!  I'm not cut out for the city.....

And now I'm home, and I hardly know what to do with myself.  I'm plugging away at the blocks on the design wall, nearly finished, but I'm not feeling much love for them anymore.
 I'm ready for something that doesn't involve triangles, or the colour red.  I like it as an accent, but I'm over it in these blocks. 
I gritted my teeth, put NCIS on the TV and sewed for hours; the result was two of the borders pieced, and that just about tipped me over the edge into hysteria.  All that work, and now I had to do it all again for the remaining two borders? 
I wasn't impressed.  I'm on the verge of putting it away, and using the HSTs I need as leader-enders while I work on something else. 
I need 120 more of them, and I can't decide whether to plod on and make them all in one go, or do them in little bits.  While I'm at work this morning I'll come to a decision, and when I get back I will jump right into it.  I've got some catching up to do.


Chookyblue...... 3:06 PM  

oh your quilt is it........not sure what the answer is.....get it done and it is done or poke away at it between other things.........goodluck.........

Sandy 8:04 PM  

I'm in a similar situation, with the same quilt on my wall for what seems forever, and I'm sick of looking at it. Answer: I'm taking it down, so I can work on something else for a while!

Yours is looking great, but I agree those triangle squares can be tedious.

Kleine Vingers 11:22 PM  

The quilt is lovely, but the last bit is always the hardest, keep in going it is almost finished!Good luck.

Gretchen Weaver 9:06 AM  

I would work on the HST's as Leaders and Enders. I always make some serious mistake whenever I force myself to work on a project. Get the HST's sewn then sew the border. Of course after it is pieced, you will need to quilt it.

Sue SA 2:19 PM  

It looks good, but your the one who has the do all the hard work, good luck with it....nothing wrong with putting it back in the cupboard until you can face it another day!

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