Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hunters Star

I've been sewing quite a lot in the last week; it feels good to be enthusiastic about my projects again, after such a slump.  The blue squares are in one piece, and I thought they just needed a border.  
However, while I was cleaning up I found a whole basket of pieces I'd cut and then forgotten, enough for another 25 blocks at least.  Sigh, why don't I remember these things anymore?  Someone in the shop the other day asked if we had any king-size quilts, which makes my heart quail at the thought of something that big; but if we made one, it would have to be an easy block like this.  I'm pondering whether I have enough energy to make this a king-size quilt.

Those easy blocks were a bit boring, so I turned to the Hunter's Star blocks for some more challenging sewing.  
They are cut with an Accuquilt die from here, and while there are downsides like the bias edges on the blocks, it's still easy to put together.  I sewed like a train on these, just pushing one block after another through the machine, and it was fun.
They look wonderful on the design wall, and I can't wait to make more; good thing it's so easy to cut the pieces, I'll soon have a stack of new bits ready to sew 
I'm thinking ahead to the Checkered Lattice blocks, trying to find a good variety of fabrics in the stash.  I don't have a lot of clear, happy colours, most of my stash is 1800s reproduction, so it's hard to find anything that will work.  I don't want to have to buy more, but I will if I can't make this quilt with what I have.
And I'm still plodding away on the borders for the Economy block quilt, using the Flying Geese as leader-enders.  120 done, 40 to go.  I'll cut the last of the pieces I need today, and then the end will be in sight.  It feels good to have some energy back.


Chookyblue...... 8:57 PM  

Wow your getting some lovely quilts going.........I just LOVE blue...........

Karen in Breezy Point 2:32 AM  

Love the Blue Squares and the Hunter's Star--not just because they are blue--lol! You have reminded me that I have a blue Hunter's Star top somewhere in my sewing room (also cut out with a die) and should probably get it quilted!

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