Friday, November 17, 2017

Happy sewing time

I needed a quiet day to catch up after my week away, so not much happened when I first arrived home. The next day I felt much better, and spent many hours in the sewing room, sewing and cutting more pieces. The Hunter's Star is growing quickly, which makes me want to see even more progress.

 I've sewn a heap of pieces together for the next 6 blocks, which will make this top 5 x 6.  I'll have a break from them then, and think about how big I want to make it.  I'm not sick of the blocks at all, which is a bonus; I'd hate to be making all these 8-point stars and not enjoying it.
 When I get tired of matching points on the 8 point stars, I move onto the Checkered Lattice blocks, which are mindless sewing.  I'm really enjoying these soft green fabrics, they aren't my usual palette and it's a pleasant change.
Some madness possessed me this week, and I changed my whole sewing room around yet again.  I moved all my spinning and knitting stuff into the lounge room, and now I have a lot more space in the sewing room.  I want to do a lot of cutting and sewing this weekend to make sure that the new setup feels right.  I will be tackling my scrap fabric I think, while I was moving things around I uncovered many, many containers of scraps, and a lot of fabric pieces smaller than a fat eighth.  They need to be dealt with, not shuffled into a new spot in my rearranged room.  Didn't I already do this in January?  Where did these scraps come from if I haven't been quilting this year?  It's a bit of a mystery.

I bought the whole series of Lewis,
which is a follow-on to the Morse series.  I love these British police dramas, set in Oxford.  The scenery, the music, the clever plots; I never get tired of them.  And because I have something interesting to watch on TV, I'm inclined to keep sewing longer than I normally would.


gayle 8:04 AM  

I've been watching Lewis lately, too! I'm partway into the 4th season, and have enjoyed every minute.
Love that Hunter's Star. It's a quilt on my to-do list...

Kleine Vingers 9:26 AM  

Lovely quilt and like you I love Lewis and Morse.

Chookyblue...... 12:22 PM  

hhmmm maybe the scraps got shuffled last time..........or they never got moved and you missed seeing them completely...........
love the blues........

Tammy Hutchinson 2:50 PM  

I too love Morse and Lewis. The music may be my favorite part, or maybe the mystery. I also wonder where all of the scraps come from. Since we have much in common you may like Foyle's War, a British show on ?-can't remember!

Lori 6:04 PM  

Love reading your posts. Bits of this and that.

Silly Goose 6:58 PM  

Have you watched the Endeavour series? It's a tale of young Morse as he joins the force. It's different to Lewis, but excellent. In case you run out of stuff to watch!

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