Sunday, March 04, 2018

All set up

I've been down here for 2 weeks already, that time has flown by so fast.  Isla and I are having a good time, but she's starting to miss her mum.  Shonny gets to spend about 40 minutes a day with us, then she's off to work and we don't see her again that day.  It's hard on a little girl, but she's tickled pink to have me around.  When we go out she tells everyone 'My Nan!!' and points at me. I don't do any housework when she's around, so I'm a lot more fun than Mum apparently.

I've set up my own little space so that I can sew in any spare minute, and I even have a coffee set-up, so I don't have to disturb anyone else when I get up early.

The desk was left out on the footpath as hard rubbish, and Shonny and I  carried it home minutes before the truck arrived.  

It has lovely big drawers to hide all my sewing stuff from Miss Busyfingers, and I appreciate it all the more for being free.  I'm hoping to get some machine time in today or tomorrow while Isla is at daycare.  I miss being productive, but I have to cram in as much housework as I can before Isla gets home. 

I have a handwork project started, and it's a pattern that I've wanted to do for years. 

 I decided to use a colour scheme of pink and grey, also something I've wanted to do for years.  I'll be glad to get a single block finished at this rate, but it's a long term project.
Well I'm off to hang the first load of washing out, and tidy up the lounge room, but then it will be sewing time.


jude's page 7:38 PM  

Lovely hand project, and good set up for sewing. I can't believe someone would throw out that desk. Think we grew up in a different era, not this throw away society. Enjoy your Nan time.

Carolyn 7:09 AM  

Good to hear from you. Enjoy your time!

Sue SA 12:46 PM  

Great desk, even better that it is free! Handwork sounds ideal for small periods of sewing snatched between grandmother duties, enjoy!

Jayne 12:53 AM  

Does Mereth look after all the dogs whilst you are away?

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