Friday, November 09, 2018

I think my favourite colour combination is blue and green.  I have made so many quilt tops from those colours that I've put a huge dent in my stash.

Picture is way too yellow, this is very blue in real life.
Batik quilt.
Scrappy Bargello 
Many Trips Around The World
My blues are looking pretty sad and inadequate these days.  However, there are several containers full of scraps from those other quilts, and I keep trying to use them up.  All that happens is that I have more quilt tops and  the scraps are still there. The recently finished Checkered Lattice gave me another pile of blue-green leftovers, and I decided to use them up in some easy patterns.  
So I cut heaps of 2.5 x 4.5" rectangles from the scrap baskets and set to work

First I made a small top of Spinning Rectangles. 
I tried to do it scrappy, but I didn't like that, so I planned it so that each pinwheel was the same fabric.  It was slower, but I was much happier with the result.
There were many rectangles left over, so I started sewing them together randomly, and made a cot sized top in stair steps..
This was much easier to put together, no worrying about what went where. .  Then I made the mistake of tipping the stair steps on point to make chevrons.

Bad idea.   I really like it like this.  A full size quilt would look wonderful, especially with lots of batiks.  I managed to resist the urge to abandon the cot quilt and jump straight into the chevron quilt.
But there are still so many pieces to use up.  These are the scraps that never end, but maybe that 's not a bad thing..  I could play with these colours forever.  In fact, I'll probably buy more on my next shopping trip. I rather think I'm going to have to admit defeat.  These colours are here to stay.


jude's page 1:35 PM  

Love all your quilts, certainly makes a lovely display all together.

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