Friday, December 21, 2018

On my last visit to see the family Thomas generously shared his cold with me.  I've been laid low for the last 10 days, surrounded by tissues and cough medicine, while the temperature outside reached silly heights of 100 degrees.  I object to having a cold when it's so hot, and summer colds often seem more severe.  I'm through the self-pitying stage, now I'm into the frustrated stage where I just want this to be over with so I can get stuff done at last.

I did tackle one UFO.  My Economy blocks were started in December 2016, and assembled a month later, and they've sat waiting for borders ever since then.  I knew I wanted Flying Geese borders, and I worked on them for a year or so in between other things.

And then it all just sat there waiting.

It took several days to try out various options, ponder which one I like the best, and then actually sew it all together.
I was stuck dithering between two choices of the width of the inner border, swapping things around on the design wall, taking photos and comparing them, agonizing over which one worked best.  Then I realized I was having such a hard time choosing because there was no 'best' option.  Both looked good, and I could choose either one.
Once I came to that conclusion I just picked the one that had appealed to me all along, and had the top finished the next day.  I make life so difficult for myself sometimes.
 It's such a wonderful feeling to finish a long term project, though it was a bit of a surprise to go back through the blog and realize how long it had been languishing. I thought the project was a year old, not TWO years.  But it's finally done, and I can move onto another one of those UFOs that have been waiting patiently.


jude's page 11:01 AM  

I love this quilt, and your flying geese border is just perfect.

Gypsy Quilter 1:35 PM  

Simply stunning, and well worth the wait. As always, your borders are spot on!

Rose Marie 12:32 AM  

Lovely .... and the wait was worth it. You now have a top that you love!

Karen in Breezy Point 3:23 AM  

Isn't it wonderful to have your project finished? It's beautiful! Sounds like you had a pretty awful cold--hope you are feeling better. Take care!

Sue SA 7:18 AM  

Looks fantastic. May 2019 bring you more sewing time, more time with the grandies and good health. Merry Christmas.

Sandy 10:35 AM  

Excellent! Love the gold setting. And this is someone who rarely uses gold. Must re-think.

Sherry 12:22 AM  

I love Flying Geese and they look great as the border!

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