Thursday, December 10, 2020

Brown Ninepatch top

 I finished this a while ago; 12th November in fact. 

Of course I changed things from the original photo from Pinterest. 

I drew it up in EQ8 and then started messing around with it, and decided I really liked it set straight instead.  

I also like the partial blocks that let the chains join along the edges, and the corners blocks that extend the chains out. 

This was so simple to make, and I love the deep colours, it will be a cosy winter quilt. It would also look wonderful in other colour combinations; green with red ninepatches, or pink and green. I will have a play with it in EQ8 and see what I can come up with. The ninepatches are a good leader-ender, and once they're made the quilt goes together really quickly. The 9.5" setting squares used up a lot of small blue remnants in the scrap drawers, so it was a satisfying top to make.  Now I just need to get it quilted before next winter.


Unknown 11:51 PM  

I love this. Is the pattern available?

Unknown 1:03 AM  

Absolutely LOVE first pattern!!! Is it available? Making 3 quilts for family friend (all 3 siblings) from dad's shirts, he suddenly passed away 3 weeks ago. If you would please let me @

Chookyblue...... 5:46 AM  

this is a great quilt.......really like the design you used........will be very snug......

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