Tuesday, June 01, 2021

A start and a finish

I finally found enough time to get the borders on my Granny Squares quilt.  I'm really pleased to have this done at last.  Now I have to start looking for a backing for it, and then it can go into the queue to be quilted.

I sewed all the blue-green Boxy Stars blocks together, and now they are waiting for borders.  Once the design wall was empty I immediately started a new project.

It involves about 100 of these little 9patches, made with 1.25" strips. I'm using them with striped sashing, and the 4.5" squares I cut from my pretty fabrics nearly 2 years ago.

I'm making blocks of four of the same colour; I think that will be easier than trying to do a random placement of colours.  I'm no good at random, it makes my brain ache.

I spent several nights doing nothing but sewing green and white strips together, then cutting them into 4.5" lengths for sashes, and making the little 9patches.  EQ8 tells me that I've used 1.75 yards of the white fabric, and I believe it.  There are several different white remnants in here, I kept having to scrabble through drawers and come up with more pieces of white. I doubt that the differences will show, and it feels really good to have used up all those leftovers. 

I've kitted up all the sashes and 9patches I'll need; I'm just wondering if I should pack it all way with the 4.5" pretty squares and save it for another day.  I do love to have a kit on the shelves waiting, but I also want to see how this turns out. I think it may have a piano key border, to use up all the little strips I have left from other projects.

Mereth and I went to the optometrist a couple weeks ago. My eyes haven't changed as far as my prescription goes, but I have a cataract that is causing me some problems.  We talked options, and I've decided to wait another 6 -12 months before I have surgery.  It's still only an inconvenience, I can deal with it for a little longer. Mereth needs new glasses, but her new prescription is nearly the same as my old one, so she borrowed my spare glasses until her new ones come.  It's useful to have a twin sometimes.

And to make life even more interesting, I have shingles.  It's not a really bad case, but it's still no fun.  I have anti-virals, and a painkiller for the nerve pain, and I'm getting on with life.  But I can't go near Finn, who hasn't had his chicken pox vaccination yet.  I would feel terrible if I gave him chickenpox, so I'm staying home until there's no chance of infecting him. Sitting at the sewing machine hurts after a while, so I sew until I need a break, then iron stuff or cut out, and then go back to the sewing machine. I briefly considered lying around reading while I'm feeling poorly, but rejected that.  Sewing is a good distraction, and eventually I'll have a quilt top to show for it.


Gretchen Weaver 7:46 PM  

Your quilt has turned out so lovely! Sorry you have shingles, hope you get some relief soon. I'm glad you have your sewing to keep your mind and body occupied, happy stitching!

Lynley 1:16 PM  

oh no, shingles is no fun, hopefully it has eased off by now! I love your granny squares, and the green sashing fabric - it looks almost springlike (yes, I know, spring's a LONG way off)

QuiltGranma 2:06 PM  

Beautiful quilt top! I forget, do you usually hand quilt, machine quilt it yourself, or send it out?

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