Thursday, September 09, 2021

A finish

The floor under my sewing desk was covered in bits of thread and clippings of fabric, so I took a moment to vacuum it all up.  There, lovely and clean, for a little while at least.

It had to be clean because I was putting borders on this big quilt, and I didn't want it covered in rubbish every time it dipped down and touched the floor.

I really don't like wrestling with the whole top when I'm attaching borders, and I let that put me off finishing tops.  Having a clear desk and a clean floor makes it less of a chore.  Oddly enough, going slow also makes it more fun; if I'm trying to speed through then I just get cranky that it's taking so long. So yes, it took most of the evening, but I enjoyed it.

The top is called Autumn Sisters and was supposed to use up some rust, brown and red scraps, but I always get drawn back to my favourite colours; blue, green and brown.

These are my favourite blocks, and it would be lovely to make a whole quilt in these combinations,but not right now. I have more than enough projects already started, so this idea can go in the Maybe One Day folder.


Meredith 6:28 PM  

I love this quilt! Colors are great, and the border is perfect. Putting borders on is my least favorite part of quilting, but these frame your quilt so nicely. Please post more pictures when it’s finished.

Tammy Hutchinson 8:36 AM  

Anything with a 9P is beautiful to me, and this is lovely!

Unknown 3:26 PM  

How wonderful to add another finished top to the stack. It's a lovely quilt and a great combination of colors.

San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

QuiltGranma 5:13 PM  

Another beautiful quilt top! 3:03 PM  

I realky like your Autumn Sisters quilt. May I ask what size block you made? I am drawn to the scrappy coloration in the blocks,and the name. I am the last of 3 autumn birthday sisters. I need to make this in memory of the two I've lost. God bless.

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