Thursday, November 23, 2023

More tops completed

Last year I finished this  Bricks and Stepping Stones top. Of course, being me, I had cut way too many pieces for just one quilt/

I decided to make this with the leftovers, not wanting to go to the trouble of 4-patches.

It turned out really well, and used up most of the leftover bricks, which was my aim after all.

Such pretty prints and colours.

I also had a heap of scraps from the Strip Twist that I'd just made, and these turned into 16-patches. I really didn't want to make a lot more of them, so I set them with alternate 6.5" blocks of fabric and made this little top.

More lovely rose prints, and some bluebirds.

Even though 1800s repros are my all time favourites, I still love pretty fabrics, which is why these are in my stash in the first place.

I've made quite a few tops from them, and the stash drawers are diminished, but not empty. I'm hoping I don't go out and buy more, but it is a possibility. These tops have all been sold, and will be finished by someone else, so that leaves me free to keep making more. Because there are always leftovers to help grow the next top.


Rose Marie 12:12 AM  

Lovely tops and I can see why they sold. I need to make some donation quilts and these would be perfect to make up. Oooh ... I may just be stealing your ideas ..... hope that is OK?

cbott 1:29 AM  

How lovely those are! They remind me of a bowl of Jordan almonds (pastels). I especially like how the black (and sometimes white) pieces give definition between all the soft colors.


O'Quilts 2:10 AM  

I agree, lovely is the right word.

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