Friday, March 24, 2006

My camera is being an absolute twit and draining the batteries, so I will have to revert to saved photos.

This quilt is one that I made for DS Rhys, when he was 15. When I offered to make him a quilt he flinched and said 'No thanks!' So I explained to him that I would not use florals, or anything pink, and that he would have the right of veto on any material. He gave grudging permission.

Hmm, no florals.... I had to shop severely for this quilt, and buy fabrics that weren't me at all. And I wanted it to be a dark quilt, as his last quilt ended up with a lot of grubby marks. Of course, I hadn't counted on the two grey cats sleeping on the quilt every night....

But it turned out very well. One nice little surprise was the black material I used throughout the blocks, and as a small inner border. Unbeknownst to me, the small stars on it were glow in the dark paint. It was only after the quilt was finished and on his bed that we discovered that. How cute!

The pattern is the same one I used for my scrap blocks; it also made enough blocks for another quilt....

For the back I chose a heap of FQs that showed things he was interested in; cats, dogs, fish, WWII airplanes, Coke, sharks... I had a ball tracking these fabrics down. I would never ordinarily buy them, but it was perfect for the back.

To quilt it, I again asked Rhys what he wanted. 'Whatever' he replied, so I designed a random quilting pattern and called it 'Whatever' It looks great on guy quilts, but I've seen it on Thimbleberries quilts too and it lookes fabulous.

The quilt was finished, and presented to the boy, and it has never left his bed since, except to be washed, and once when I managed to wrest it away from him for a quilt gathering. He sleeps under it summer and winter; even goes downstairs and takes it off the line when it's been washed. I think it's a success.


Evelyn aka Starfishy 12:53 PM  

Ah, ha! This is tooo funny. Yes, I would say it was a huge success - maybe this is the classic example of "Actions speak louder than words".



Anonymous,  2:36 PM  

Boys are such treasures sometimes LOL. Great quilt too - I love the colours. It's hard to make a quilt out of our comfort zone but you did a fantastic job - bonus with the glow-in-the-dark stars LOL.

Bonnie 3:22 PM  

GUYS!!! You just can't please them....or, maybe it's too easy to please them because they say "whatever"......sometimes I wish they were more specific because my answer to their "whatever" sometimes backfires! I'm glad it didn't with your son's quilt. It looks great, and very masculine.... :c)


mereth 7:37 PM  

I remember I made two tops 'on spec' for the boys, thinking I would be safe as they were all browns and blues, no florals and simple pieced blocks. John's verdict...."Too girly" ?! He would allow me to use navy,(not other blues) black and grey. "What about a tiny bit of red?" I suggested. No. Just navy, black and grey. The pieces are still sitting in one of my project boxes, it is so DULL!

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