Saturday, September 23, 2006

Some strange madness overtook me yesterday, and I spent 8 hours sewing this together. It was a UFO from 4 years ago, and it suddenly seemed important to get it finished. So I went without meals or coffee, and stayed at the machine, sewing, sewing , sewing. Those strips for the border seemed endless.

I love it!! It was such a struggle to keep the colours dark and rich, the light fabrics kept wanting to creep in. But I persevered with it, ruthlessly rejecting all the pretty pale fabrics, and going for the darker ones. It's outside my normal colour range, but it looks antique and that's what I was aiming for.

Then, to fill in a few hours today, I put the borders on this, another UFO from 2 years ago. The borders in this are the only fabric I purchased; all the rest was made entirely from scraps from my friend's mammoth scrap box. It was a lot of fun going through all the bits and pieces to start with, and sorting out all the blues and pinks and shirtings. Most of them are scraps from the backs of quilts that she did for customers, so this actually represents dozens of quilts. Mind-blowing.

I'm pretty chuffed about finishing 4 UFOs in one week, that's probably some sort of record for me. I have 7 spare baskets in the sewing room now, and the clutter is gradually disappearing. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere.

These are a little bonus from the single Irish Chain top that I finished; 77 4-patches, ready to be included in another set of blocks. I want to use them in a larger block, but I haven't decided what block yet, or what colouring. I'm just glad I got busy and sewed them together straight away; when inspiration strikes they will be ready to use. I will whip up another 3, and there will be enough to use in 20 blocks as corner units.

Maybe my next project will be to go on with this paper-pieced Square In A Square that I started last year. I'm using a lot of deep, dark blues and navies, and I like the idea of that green for a sashing. I think darks are becoming my 'thing', I keep getting drawn back to them in between other quilts.

I will have to tidy up the sewing area tonight, it's a bit messy after all the frantic sewing. Then I will leisurely choose the fabrics for the last blocks for the Grey Havens quilt, and sew them together in a more contemplative frame of mind. I've done enough speed sewing for one week.


mereth 7:10 PM  

My goodness, where are you getting your creative energy this week?!! I just hope you're not going to fall in a heap at the end of all this, perhaps you'd better start pacing yourself. I love the small strips in the first top, so simple and yet very effective.

Hedgehog 7:26 PM  

Holy moly! I love both complete UFOs and the green looks great with those blocks.

His Office, My Studio 8:51 PM  

Please bottle your strange madness and send it my way. Your quilts are great!

Joyce 9:35 PM  

I admire your drive. To do so much sewing in a couple of days is mind boggling. You could probably make a fortune if you could find a way to package that drive and sell it!

quiltpixie 10:53 PM  

way to Go!! ruthlessless rejecting comfort fabric, persistently sewing away, you've got so much to show for your madness :-)

Patti 11:44 PM  

What wonderful quilts and what satisfying UFO finishes! You have impressed us all. I think 4 finishes in a week is probably a record for most of us. Love your "move to the dark side" - those colors are so rich. I'd say you are being moved by the seasons rolling into fall, but you are rolling into summer in your end of the world. As dubiquilts said - if you could bottle your strange madness I think you could make a fortune selling it to quilters!

Carolyn 11:49 PM  

Would I love to have some of your dedication and energy! I love all the quilts...especially the strip quilt...and the red 9 patch...they're gorgeous! The others are wonderful too! How will you quilt them?

dot 12:38 AM  

Where do I start. You have certainly been very busy, but to sew without coffee. I can go without the food but not the coffee. All the quilts are wonderful but I really like the first quilt. Those are my color choices. Great work.

Eileen 4:24 AM  

Love all the quilts. 4 in a week-put your feet up and enjoy the applause!:)
The colors are right up my alley too. Welcome to the dark side.

sewprimitive karen 4:34 AM  

Oh, that first quilt is wonderful. How could you put on so many borders, they look superb; I can hardly bear to do one set.

Anonymous,  1:09 AM  

I love that pile of 4-pathces - "sweet" quilts are really hitting me again... Love the rail fence too!

Anonymous,  1:18 PM  

Gordon Bennett!! Slow down or you'll explode LOL. GREAT quilts! I finished one box of UFOs over the last few months - feels good doesn't it :-)

tami 11:30 AM  

Wow. I'm impressed you got so much done. The quilts look great.

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