Thursday, September 21, 2006

It seems I only have time these days to either blog, or do something interesting to blog about. I need to find some more time in each day, or try to set a time each day to make a blog entry.

There has been sewing, much sewing, at my house. I made a supreme effort and finished another huge top that has been languishing in the sewing room for well over a year. I got sick of stumbling over the three boxes of fabric set aside for it, and the baskets of pieces already pieced and the drawer containing what I'd done. So, after three mighty sessions, it's in one piece and all those fabrics can be put away and the leftovers dealt with. And this top will join the pile waiting to be quilted.

I do love this; it's for our bed in the summer, so I wanted it to be light and pale and fresh. It's so pretty in real life, yellowy cream and rusty pink. I wanted it to be muted, because I plan on making a more strongly coloured quilt to keep folded on the foot of the bed, and I wanted this one to be like a backdrop for the other quilt. I haven't designed the other quilt yet, it's just an idea in the works.

The other picture is a quilt I was working on two years ago, a love affair with brown and pink. Don't know what will happen with the border yet, and I haven't got round to seriously considering it. But if it's hanging on the quilt rack where I see it every day then something is bound to occur to me.

I don't normally name quilts, but my mourning quilt is going to be referred to as Grey Havens from now on. (It's a Lord-Of-The-Rings thing....) I've had a lovely time digging out the old scraps I spoke of, and I'll work out the final three blocks over the weekend.

This is the block that my leftover half-square triangles will go towards. It's super simple, and will allow me to use some of my divine mid-tone reproduction fabrics. I'm going to have fun with this one. And I am going to make sure it is only single bed size, I have had enough of giant quilts. I'll make two smaller ones rather than another big one! I have to learn when to stop.


Hedgehog 6:43 PM  

Both quilts are beautiful and the blocks are going to be nice, too. I also leave project out to ponder if I'm stuck about an idea.

Anonymous,  10:07 PM  

Love ly quilts. (Two small quilts use more good fabric than 1 big one....)

quiltpixie 10:15 PM  

Congrats on finishing up that big one! Way to go

dot 11:48 PM  

You are certainly a busy woman. All the quilt are beautiful. Thank-you for sharing them with us.

His Office, My Studio 1:56 AM  

Great Quilts. Browns and Pinks are a favorite of mine.

Joyce 2:15 AM  

I love your muted colors on the two quilts. Single size is much easier to finish than huge king size so it's probaly a good idea to stay small for a bit.

Jenni 11:32 AM  

Great you pushed yourself and finished that big quilt. I too must make smaller quilts.

Anonymous,  8:28 AM  

You have some very pretty quilts. I also have a love of pink & brown combinations along with turquoise/blue & brown.

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