Friday, August 14, 2009

The sum total of my sewing for the past week is this Dear Jane block, all 4 1/2" of it. I should be grateful I had time to do that much, as I've had a frantically busy week. I sat and made this block as a stress reliever, while I watched an episode of Inspector Morse. I started sewing as the opening music played, and I was pressing the finished block when the final credits rolled. So that means this tiny block took 90 minutes to make; unbelievable! I just can't seem to get up any speed with foundation piecing, but I should be happy with the accuracy and not fret because it takes so long. I need to get into the zen of foundation piecing; when you are foundation piecing, KNOW that you are foundation piecing. We'll see if that helps next time.

I often modify the suggested piecing; I couldn't see the sense of adding a triangle of the same fabric in the corners, so I just extended the sewing lines. The block looks the same, but it's two less seams to worry about.

My garden is producing a few winter flowers, but Dolly has proved to be an avid gardener. She likes smelling all the flowers, then rubbing her face in the plants, then grabbing them with her nouth and uprooting the lot. I guess she just gets too enthusiastic, but it's disastrous for my flowers. I have growled at her, but she keeps reoffending. If she shows up with dirt on her nose it means there's trouble in the garden. As soon as she realises I've discovered the crime she's all cringing and contrite, but it doesn't stop her from doing it next time. I'm considering barracading all my pots behind the potted roses, because she has a healthy respect for anything with thorns!

I love pansies, but these flowers are almost tooo big, the stems can't hold them up. They are such sweet flowers, I love all the variations in the colours.
But the violets are my favourites I think, they smell so wonderful. The pink ones came from Mereth's MIL, from the family farm. Mereth has planted them in every garden she's ever had, and carried pots of them from place to place and shared them with many friends. They are like a family heirloom.


Karen 3:22 PM  

Ooh, violets. How pretty! They used to grow wild when I lived in the north and were so pretty in the spring. They can't survive the heat we have in Florida where we live now. For three years, we lived in an area where I found some growing under the trees in the back yard. Just a few but still a pleasant surprise.

Stephanie Newman 1:57 AM  

Yes that little dj block is abit of a tart to construct-slow. I think you're right, nature of foundation piecing... But there are also lots of pieces in it.
Those violets remind me of when my Nana would take me into her garden to pick and smell the blooms, such delicate fragrance. I'd forgotten about that memory so thankyou so much!

sewprimitive karen 1:58 AM  

Yes, those Dear Jane blocks are so time-consuming but it's fun to have the stack of little gems accumulate.

Brenda 2:34 PM  

The block is gorgeous so time well spent I think. Milly Molly Mandy is like Dolly with flowers. She can't smell them enough. She doesn't destroy however any more - comes with some maturity about three.

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