Saturday, August 22, 2009

To say that I've been busy for the past two weeks would be an understatement. I've been Frantically Busy!! But I think I'm about caught up on everything, so I'll be able to stop and draw breath soon, and then get into my sewing room. I can't wait for that.

I had to go shopping at the Janome dealer in the next town, and they are having a promotion where they take old machines as trade-ins. This little green Singer was traded in, and I thought it should come home with me. It's been well looked after, the paint is spotless, and I intend to make sure it stays in good condition. I'm powerless to resist green sewing machines it seems.

I had to make a trip to Adelaide for printing supplies, so we went down on Thursday night to take advanage of late night shopping, stayed the night with Mereth's No.1 Son John, and came home early the next day. We all had tea at Ikea, and finally managed to do some real shopping there, even though I was hyperventilating half way through and muttering 'I gotta get out of here!'

A chirpy voice kept announcing on the sound system 'It's easy to shop at Ikea, if you know how!' and then giving details of guided tours about to start. Surely you shouldn't have to have lessons on how to shop? John and I got lost, and he expressed grave disappointment that his 20 or so years of navigating through tricky computer game scenarios hadn't actually helped him remember where he was in Ikea. I suggested someone should make a game set in an Ikea store; it has possibilities.

Mereth bought a Billy bookcase, which she's been wanting for ages, and I got some modular shelving for my laundry. And big terracotta pots. And an ex-showroom sideboard. It took some creative packing to get it all settled into the back of Wilson, I'm so glad I've got a station wagon; a normal car just wouldn't be adequate.

Mereth always has the gluten-free almond cake at the Ikea cafe; when I was putting the furniture together I realised they are both very similar. Is the cake made of leftover furniture? Or is the furniture made of leftover cake? Hmmmm.....

Stolen moments of time in the sewing room have resulted in several more Dear Jane blocks; I have around 65 now, and I should be able to sew Row 4 into one piece tomorrow. I am making steady progress. I was getting hopelessly confused with all the pattern printouts and templates and stuff, so I'm collecting it all into a ring binder, which should make things easier to find. I'll show you that tomorrow, I'm off to help Mereth put together her bookcase. It's just like adult Lego.


sewprimitive karen 6:35 PM  

I just love your posts. So funny with the cross section photo of the Ikea piece and the cake :-). Your DJ blocks as ever are so scrumptious. Your IKEA purchases sound super. I'm glad I'm not the only one demoralized by IKEA.

Tazzie 6:40 PM  

Wow, that green Janome looks so much like my first sewing machine - mine wasn't green, but very similarly built.
I love your DJ blocks, you're really motoring along on them. I love your lego analogy - I knew I liked my son's lego for a reason!

pdudgeon 8:16 PM  

i've never been to an Ikea, but i just may have to find one for a chance to taste that almond cake!

the Dear Jane blocks look wonderful.

Karen 8:50 PM  

A green Singer sewing machine. I have never seen one. Very interesting.

Candace 10:13 PM  

Very funny post. My husband is a gamer, and he's not too keen on Ikea (his feet hurt), and I can just picture the computer game. Nice machine, and great blocks.

Meggie 7:39 AM  

Your little Singer purchse is lovely. I rather like putting Ikea things together. Funny about the cake!

Stephanie Newman 7:07 PM  

Ha! Ha1 ROTFL my face off...that cake and furniture comparison is too funny.
Cute Singer btw. There is something about green machines!

julieQ 9:00 AM  

I love the pie! versus the furniture. Your dear Jane blocks are very pretty, you are whizzing through these, at least from this perspective. I have only been to Ikea was great fun.

Taryn 9:19 AM  

I just found your blog (via Kathie) and this post made me laugh out loud. How true...the glue and sawdust cake.

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