Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I quilted this top last week,with a new panto of mine called Sassy, (US version here) which I rather think is my new favourite; it quilted up quickly and makes a lovely allover pattern. I'm very pleased with how it looks on this quilt.

I've been sneaking a few moments here and there to work on my nine-patches, and Cheryl and Dawn each sent enough ninepatches for another four blocks. Dawn's are on the left, and Cheryl's are on the right; I'm going to mark the finished block so I know who contributed which. I think I have enough for the whole quilt, once Kaye sends her four then I can begin setting the blocks together. This quilt is going to have a lot of happy memories stitched into the ninepatch blocks.
I've been collecting conversational prints for 10 years, and decided to use them in these blocks. I can think of no better place for them, it will add to the significance of the quilt to use my treasured conversationals. I'm dismayed at how few I have though; I thought there were lots more, but I must have been nibbling away at them over the years. I just hate using every last little bit of my favourite fabrics, and conversationals are rare enough that they are not easily replaced.

I'm thinking of departing from the original and not using more ninepatches in the sashing; I like how the blocks seem to float separately with just plain sashing. I'll have to have a good ferret through the sash to find enough fabric for that. And I still intend to do a pieced scrappy border.

I've been putting together odd blocks as leader-enders, and the design wall is scattered with unrelated items. I can feel a sampler quilt coming on, though that Milky Way block may end up with a lot of brothers and sisters. I've always wanted to do one in blue and green, and I think it's time to do some serious cutting for that. The block is 6", which is ever so cute, but it will take a few to make a quilt. I'm up for it; The Jane Stickle blocks have made me think anything is possible, given enough determination.


meggie 12:28 AM  

Lots of interesting news here. I seem to be stuck in the mud, or cold or... just nothing much. I need to do a whole pile of cutting & mindless sewing, then think about what to use it all for.
Love your new design for quilting.

pdudgeon 4:03 AM  

love the new panto design, and it does look great on that quilt. i always like open, swirly designs like that one. I'll bet it was fun to sew.
those lovely 9 patches have me thinking, and that milky way block is great!

sewprimitive karen 4:10 AM  

You're right, it is devastating to use up almost all or all of special fabrics, but the conversationals will look just perfect with the nine patches. Marcus has reprinted three of them in their Quick Pick Backgrounds.

Ruth 4:18 AM  

Love your nine patches - they are such a neat block and easy to do. The double nine patches are wonderful! I'm not sure what conversationals are. I've never heard that term for fabric before.

MJinMichigan 6:29 AM  

I' ve been collecting conversationals too and love how they look in small blocks such as your 9 patches. They'll be a nice surprise for anyone looking closely at the quilt. Your new panto is great. It really adds movement to the quilt.

Khris 12:55 AM  

The quilting looks great Kerryn...I love it..hugs Khris

anareis 5:19 AM  

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