Tuesday, January 01, 2013

It was a quiet New Year's Eve for us, a nice curry for tea, with panetonne for dessert.  Very multicultural.  We made a great list of plans for next year, but unfortunately just ran out of energy and couldn't wait up till midnight.  Oh well, we're not as young as we used to be.  Today is a different matter, I hope to get lots achieved.
 I'm very happy with how my grey quilt is coming along.  I love the sashing fabric and I'm so glad that I waited for it.  Now the quilt is going to be just the way I imagined it, and I don't get that nasty niggle every time I see it on the design wall.  Another victory for the little voices that tell me when a quilt is not quite right.  And because this is the second time I've started putting it together, everything is going so smoothly; I worked all the kinks out the first time, and these pieces are just flying together.  I just cannot decide how big it should be though.  I'd love to have it hanging on a wall, which means it shouldn't be too big, but I tend to favour Large quilts.....  Just can't make up my mind.

I've been sewing strata for my 16-patches, and have a lot of them stockpiled now.  I love slicing them in to strips and making the blocks, everything goes together so easily.  It's very relaxing sewing.

 I did a mockup in EQ7 to see how many 16-patches I might need, and for a decent size quilt the number is 72.  The blocks are so easy I could accomplish that in no time.
I've been pulling out boxes of UFOs and seeing what I want to continue with, and what needs to be abandoned.  It gets easier and easier to jump ship on a project, especially as there are so many that I'm much more enthusiastic about .  I still love these indigo Yankee Puzzle blocks, and they are high on the list to be completed.
  I have 30 of them kitted and ready to go, so there should be some progress on that very soon.
 These blocks are left over from the Jacks On Six quilt I made many years ago.
They are 9", quite large, so I could make one or two more, add a wide sashing and have a small quilt with not much effort.  Or I could put them on Ebay, so some other quilter can have fun with them.

There are 24 of these Log Cabin blocks and they are a longterm UFO; they need to have another two rounds of logs added, which is good leader-ender sewing).  I have boxes of strips cut for these blocks, and dozens of the 1" HSTs for the centres; I just need to start sewing them again.

I have so many project boxes, more than I thought, and it will take the rest of the week to document them and decide on their fate.  That's a good way to spend the first week of 2013, putting the house in order. 


Jan 12:40 PM  

Your projects are always wonderful, and these are no exception. Really love the 16 patch setting. Happy New Year to you!

Diane-crewe 1:20 PM  

sounds as if you are on a mission! good luck xx

Sue SA 7:54 PM  

Love starting the new year tackling the UFO list, much more fun the resolutions to give up a bad habit!

Me and My Stitches 5:49 AM  

Your projects all look great and really do-able! You are going to get lots done this year - some of these are really close!

Diane 11:33 AM  

I love looking at your projects. We both seem to love the same colors so your work is so comfortable to me. You always leave me with so much going on in my mind I want to run to the sewing machine and get to work.
I'm looking forward to seeing more projects.

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