Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26th is Australia Day, and because it was a Saturday the holiday is being observed on Monday, so we have a long weekend.  It's bliss on Sunday morning to know I have a whole extra day to spend at home.  I actually slept in till 7.40, which is 2 hours past my normal rising time, but I certainly appreciated the extra rest.  I hope to tackle the remainder of the day with twice my normal enthusiasm.

I did catalogue the contents of the wire backet, and this is what was in there;

 cross blocks
album blocks

a whole pile of sample blocks from quilts I started last year
 These Random 9-patches are the beginnings of more of the album blocks I think; who knows, I no longer remember what I was planning.  There was a lot more flotsam and jetsam in there, mainly pieces for more of the above.  I need to whip up some more of the blocks I like, and the extras etc can be filed with all the other orphan blocks, ready for that time when I want to make another Frankenstein quilt out of all these parts.  I've made three or four of those already, no enthusiasm for another one quite yet.

Before the end of the month I want to make a collage of all the finished quilt tops in recent memory, because I just make'em and stack 'em and forget'em.  Time to see what is there and what the quilting lineup should be.  It's been a long time since I quilted one of my own quilts, and that has to be one of my priorities this year.

If only I could stop the endless procession of new tops, I might actually make some progress, but the new ones are the fun part aren't they.  (I may have a new quilt on the design wall, I don't know how it happened.....)


Linda C 3:46 PM  

Loving all the inspiration in your photos today. Can see a few new blocks and quilts in my future. I too have a draw full of random blocks left over from swaps or play. Would love to see a picture of your quilts that you made with yours. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy 9:51 PM  

I love the colors in these blocks and I especially like the cross blocks. They would make a beautiful quilt by themselves!

antique quilter 1:41 AM  

ok what a tease you are! whats on that design wall!!!
of course I really think I should just make the quilts you make they always make me smile and ooohhh and ahhh over the fabrics/colors and design....
can I pick the one I think you should quilt first?
let me go get the Mass book out

Sue SA 12:45 PM  

Wow thats a lovely assortment of blocks, definately some fun in the future with those. Looking forward to the reveal from the design wall. January is the best month for new projects, being the newest month of the year - thats my excuse anyway!

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