Thursday, January 17, 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it feels like this picture is worth a thousand hours! 

I've been very good about not overdoing the sewing sessions, I've tackled this in little increments and never once got overwhelmed by it, or felt ill at the thought of going on with it.
 But it took ages, and I'll be very very glad to be sewing something else in the future.  Of course there are still the borders to tackle, but they will be the leader-ender from now on, and I'll be sewing something with a bit of Colour in it.  No more grey for a while!
I don't quite know whether to start something completely new, or go on with my plan to cut down the number of UFOs in the sewing room.  I want to splurge and fill up the design wall with something exciting, but then I also want to get those half-finished projects closer to completion too.  Guess I don't have to decide straight away, and I could make one or two 'Trial' blocks of patterns that intruige me, and see if any of them want to take centre stage.  Not another Major Project though, I need something frivolous I think.

I've sewn up most of the 2.5" triangles into pairs, and they are building into pinwheels for a scrap border.  Now that the design wall is free I'll be able to put them up there and decide on the next plan of attack. I still love these colours, but I've made an awful lot of quilts that look the same, so it's time to branch out on the next lot.   BLUE!  I need to use up my blues.

A trip to the local Patchwork shop resulted in a bit of stash acquisition; I was on a mission to get more creams, but nothing much appealed to me, all too yellow.  I finally succumbed to these ivory-whites from the Etchings line; 
I'm making it my mission to lighten up the stash, steer away from all the sombre reproductions that I love.  I will still buy them when I see something that appeals, but my shelves are stacked with them already.  With these fresher colours I hope I'll make some prettier quilts with a lighter feel.

It's been the most horrid day here, so hot that the air itself burns you; We're supposed to get a cool change tonight, which will be very welcome. The poor dogs don't like it at all.  Lucky there is air-conditioning to take the edge of the heat.  There won't be any walkies tonight though  :(


antique quilter 2:15 AM  

oh I am swooning over this quilt just worth all those hours, the sashing fabric was a perfect choice.
been making hst too! not sure what I will do with them but they are fun and easy when you have 20 min to sew!
I think you should just start a new project , splurge have some fun
I had to smile as I am trying to lighen up my quilts lately too and you know what Its HARD! working on something now and took all the shirtings out of it wasn't working for me, LOL

Gypsy Quilter 6:43 AM  

Lovely new quilt top. I always enjoy seeing how much you accomplish and wish I could do half as much. We've been getting rain for 3 days with flooding going on in various areas. Tonight's prediction is 1-4" of snow with black ice and a low of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. If it snows, will try to include pics on the blog for you and the pups to enjoy. Stay cool!

Carolyn 6:56 AM  

Keryn, your quilt actually took my breath away! It is just stunning, can't wait to see it with the borders!

Jan 9:24 AM  

It is so pretty, though - so worth the time. Love it!

Diane-crewe 11:51 AM  

wow! well worth the hours put in I would say xx

Hope the weather gets a bit cooler for you and the dogs soon x wish I could send you some of ours ... SNOW here in the UK .. my dogs not keen on going out!!

Sue SA 10:49 PM  

Congratulations on the progress/near finished flimsey, it looks great.

Lynley 11:07 PM  

That is absolutely beautiful, the perfect block for those great colours. Congratulations.

Beatrice 11:58 PM  

congratulations! It looks perfect!

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