Friday, January 25, 2013

 I was all set to do a long rambly post this morning, and thenreceived an invite for a day out with the brother and family, so I need to go and get ready for that.  The real world can't wait, a blog post can.

I did manage to finish the Plaid quillt top, and I lovethe way it turned out, even if it was a lot more work than just adding a few strips of material. 

It also cleared out a lot of those pieced strips, but not all of them, so there is another quilt brewing from the leftovers.  At this rate I won't get to my new fabrics until 2023.
Last year a farmer friend gave me 4 strawberry plants, who knows what variety, donated from a very old garden.  I don't really like strawberries, so four was plenty, until they began producing the most amazing fruit.  I eat these every morning on my rounds of the garden, and they are truly divine.  Luckily they produce as many runners as fruit, so I'm propogating every single one so I can have a huge strawberry patch next year.  I love my gifted plants, and I'll be passing these on to my friends as well.


Karen Dianne Lee 3:33 PM  

Really love this one. The border work really sets it off nicely. Another "well done!"

Karen 3:35 PM  

I don't think you ever run out of scraps. You make wonderful scrappy quilts from them and then another and another.

Gayle 4:32 PM  

I was thinking you made this quilt out of plaid fabrics, but after enlarging the picture, I can see that the block itself looks like part of a plaid - very clever! I can never see too many scrappy quilts!

Sue SA 12:41 AM  

The quilt looks great, love the borders. Hmmm cannot image not liking strawberries but they are definately better home grown. And homemade strawberry ice cream is to die for...just saying!

Kathie 3:18 AM  

beautiful I need to get the few blocks I made like this back out again and get going on this one.
perfect border, you right more time spent but well worth every minute. great job...
thanks for sharing....
ps nothing better then fresh strawberries!!!

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