Sunday, January 19, 2014

Either Mereth or I miscalculated the number of blocks we'd made, as there were only 42, instead of 49.  I'm not going to bother making another 7 blocks, so I just put these together as they were.

 I'd made 2 of the chevron blocks like Bonnie's, before I decided to do them the other way, so they went into the corners for a bit of symmetry.  I'm not going to fuss if it's not like Bonnie's, and I prefer rectangular quilts anyway.  Borders are next....

I ran away to Adelaide today, to pick up a couple of machines I won on Ebay.  I haven't repaired my 538 yet, and I wanted a replacement. I know I have countless machines here, but I still like to add to them every now and then.  
This is a 675 slant shank,  it sews beautifully, and the ordinary foot sews a perfect quarter inch seam.  I will try and fit it in my Singer sewing table tomorrow; the 631 I'm sewing on now is nice, but it can't be set into a table.  Any excuse to buy another machine.  I think this one was made around 1966, and that red detailing is very smart.  It came in blue as well, and I'd love one of those.  Honestly, every time I visit my friend Elaine, and see her fabulous collection of machines, I want to rush out and buy another dozen or so.  She inspires me to madness.

I'll show you the other machine tomorrow, right now I need to go sleep; after 6 hours in the car I'm all worn out. 


regan 8:14 AM  

I prefer rectangular quilts, too, so this worked out perfectly! And I love those two quirky corner blocks! It makes it your own, instead of like hundreds of others out there! Can't wait to see it with the borders! :o)

Sandy 1:55 PM  

What can i say, I love everything. Your "new" machine, your Celtic Solstice, and especially the colorful and green Irish Chain! What a great color scheme!

I salivate over these old machines, but alas I barely have room for my two - a Bernina and a Featherweight. Thankfully my sister has room for our Mom's 60+ year old Kenmore in the cabinet, at least its still in the family.

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