Sunday, January 26, 2014

Remember when I broke my beloved 538?  I have managed to get by with substitute machines, but it just wasn't the same.  It required just that little bit more concentration to get a good result, and often times my blocks weren't as accurate as I like.  I missed my old friend.

It took a while, but I tracked down a service manual that showed the procedure for replacing the feed drive, and I ordered the parts I needed.

Then I waited until I felt brave enough to pull my Precious apart.  It's a bit scary removing all the covers and moving the power plug from it's fitting, and then taking out the two drive shafts that the gears are located on.  I was all set to take photos, but my hands were so filthy I didn't want to touch the camera, so you'll have to take my word for it.  I have new feed drive gears, and new hook gears.

It was messy, and a bit puzzling at times, and it took me hours because I was so cautious and careful.  But finally, it was all back in one piece.  I turned it over by hand several times, to check that nothing was going to collide with anything else, and then it was time to be brave and plug her in.  I always use Shocksafe boards with my old machines, just in case there is something dodgy in the wiring, but I was still apprehensive.  And nothing happened!  No power at all!  I was a bit devastated.  Then I realised I hadn't turned the power board on.  Duh!  Once I did that, it was all systems go.  I slowly sewed a test seam, and wonder of wonders, I had stitches, and perfect ones at that.
 My Beloved is back in action.....
Now I just have to clean up the tools and the mess,
and then I can get back to sewing on UFOs.


Kate 7:56 PM  

Extremely impressive! Well done you!

mereth 8:29 PM  

And don't darn any more work pants on it!

jude's page 11:11 PM  

You're amazing, I would not even contemplate that job. Well done!

moosecraft 5:57 AM  

Congrats on a successful surgery! Glad the ol' gal is back to singing! :-)

Diane-crewe 6:14 AM  

wow! you are brave !! well done x

Sue SA 1:01 PM  

Very impressed you identified and fix the problem yourself, good for you! Must be nice to have your favorite machine back in action.

Gypsy Quilter 2:17 PM  

You're a brave, brave woman! You get this year's Mrs. Goodwrench award that's for sure. Happy sewing!

Karen 5:14 AM  

Oh so brave. I wouldn't have even known what was wrong in the first place in order to find parts. Maybe you have missed your calling and should be a sewing machine repair woman.

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