Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I had high hopes of finishing one last UFO yesterday, before 2013 vanished forever.  But I allowed myself to be sidetracked, and I didn't achieve anything, besides choosing a project to work on, rejecting just about every fabric in the stash, and making a huge mess of my sewing room.

 To be fair, I did get something done; this little quilt top is about 20 years old, maybe more.  I hand-pieced it from my most precious fabrics, enjoying the little blocks.  It was called a Cactus Basket in the magazine where I saw it first.   It was missing two of the setting triangles, and the corner triangles; I knew I had the two setting triangles somewhere, and amazingly I found them almost straight away.  I find it hard to believe that I let those two triangles float around in various containers and boxes for 20 years and never saw fit to actually sew them into the quilt.  What was I thinking?  It took about 20 minutes to sew them into place.

Today I went round to Mereth's place and raided her stash for the right shade of dark pink.  Then I spent hours being very meticulous while I added the four borders.  This is only 60"square, it might end up being a baby quilt, or a wallhanging.  It's just nice to have it finished at last.  It was nice being in the AC, sewing in comfort instead of sweltering in the heat outside. 

I want to update my spreadsheet of current projects and print it out, then colour code the projects in order of importance.  I have no idea how many there are, but it has to be a LOT.  I seem to have started an awful lot of things last year, and even though I've done a good job finishing many of them, I know that the total number of UFOs hasn't dwindled.  So I'd like to start 2014 with a definite plan, knowing what to work on and in what order, and then maybe I'll feel a little more in control.

If only there weren't a dozen new  quilts waiting in the wings, trial blocks made, a first selection of fabrics chosen, cutting diagrams ready.  It takes all my willpower not to abandon the current quilts and dive into the new ones. 


Diane-crewe 9:53 AM  

looks good ... who knows why we put projects aside .. maybe because when we do get them out it is SOOO easy to finish them xx

Brenda 11:34 AM  

That is so pretty. Happy new year.

jude's page 1:50 PM  

Looks great, still say you are amazing how many quilt tops you get done, I am hanging out to finish some PHD's, but I need to do 18 months of overdue book work first!

Sandy 8:44 AM  

Very sweet quilt, Keryn. Will you hand quilt it? Seeing its from your favorite bits of fabrics, will you keep it for yourself? All in all, I'd say you had a very productive day!

Sue SA 12:58 PM  

20 years on it was definatly worth finishing this quilt, it is just lovely. Your UFO list might be long, but once you start completing a few things, you need to start a new list on your blog/by your machine, so you can relish the achievements, not focus on what is left to do! It took me two years to get my UFO's under control, but it was worth it, but I needed the "achievement list" to keep me focused! Mind you it is pointless banning yourself from new projects totally, that would just make you feel miserable, so dont do that!

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