Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This is a quilt I made for my son about 15 years ago. I had made a sample block for a house quilt, and didn't use the block in the final quilt. I added strips of blue fabric around the block till it was wide enough, and then added more top and bottom until it was the right size for the top of the mattress. The checkerboard border used up a heap of extra 4-patches from another project. It was super-quick to make and used up a lot of leftovers . I quilted it by machine, and it's still in good shape despite all the hard use it had.

I had plans to make a similar quilt for my DD, using a floral applique block in the centre, but somehow it never happened. I may go through my orphan blocks and see if any of them lend themselves to the same treatment; it's such an easy way to arrive at a finished top.

The other picture is of a Postage Stamp quilt that I made to showcase an English quilting design that I drew up for one of my books. It took more than two years to hand quilt using my floor frame, and despite my best efforts the summer sun faded the pink border fabric. The binding is the same fabric, but looks darker. One of the perils of quilting slowly in a climate with fierce summers.

I have been sewing madly on the Maverick Stars, but I haven't made any progress that looks any different, just more stars and more pieced sashing and more incidental crumb blocks. They will both finish at the same time with a flourish I am sure, so all of a sudden I will have two tops, no more scraps and a clear work table. I can't wait.


Helen 2:14 AM  

Great to see a well-used quilt stand up to the strain.

Joyce 4:02 AM  

I like the idea of just adding strips round and round until the quilt is large enough. I have a couple of blocks that I might be able to do that with, using them as the center interest.

mereth 4:33 PM  

That quilt has stood up well, I can attest to seeing it wadded up on the floor on many occasions!

meggie 1:48 AM  

How lovely, that the quilt is so well used. It is lovely & cosy looking,- so welcoming for a son or daughter.
You are always full of interest!

Kairle Oaks 12:40 PM  

Isn't it great to have made such a well loved quilt? I really like the simple design.

Wow! I had to click on the photo to get a better view of you beautiful hand quilting. Such a pleasing eye motif.

YankeeQuilter 2:06 AM  

Love the quilting on that border!

When my quilt group was making Katrina quilts we did something similar to your house quilt. We used the quilt as you go technique adding the strips and so they came together very quickly! I really like the checkerboard on yours though!

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