Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm not capable of coherent thought tonight, I've been slaving away at business stuff and will have to work over the weekend to get things finished. But there has been sewing; while I'm printing packs I sew leader and ender pieces, and the blocks are building up. I also managed to get the Maverick Stars in one piece, and now it can hang on my lounge-room wall for a while until I decide what sort of border to use as a finish. I like looking at it at night, all the crazy angles and little scraps. I'm very fond of it now. I don't know whether to make it 12 blocks, I don't think I'm finished with those stars yet....

I have done my run on the treadmill, watching my football team get beaten, and now I'm going to have a late supper. Does this look even remotely edible? It's positively glowing! But with a glass of red wine it will be divine.....


QuiltingFitzy 7:18 AM  

But what IS IT? Cheese? lol

I love your quilt, the setting stones positively "glow". Great job.

Mary Johnson 5:20 PM  

I love the stringy stars and the cheese looks good too! Some red wine is going to be consumed here in Minneapolis tonight also.

meggie 5:32 PM  

OOH, I love those stars!
But...the cheese... I just couldnt thankyou.
Just the glass of wine will be ok.

mereth 7:23 PM  

Are you Kidding? I can smell that from here!!!
I love the stars, those red and yellow nine-patch setting squares are the perfect touch in the sashings. Even at nine blocks it will make a gorgeous quilt.

Anonymous,  5:52 AM  

I wouldn't eat that cheese, but wouldn't it make lovely marbled fabric?? Even without contrast, that sure looks like a tumbling blocks unit to me!

Hope this isn't received as nagging, but when you get some time, would you consider a post about how you kit-up a project? Would love to watch over your shoulder when you do this, and learn maybe some tips on this especially for a scrappy project. The hot weather coming up here in North America cries out for small and portable projects.

Many regards, love your quilts and blog.

Carol E. 7:14 PM  

I love the setting patches that twinkle! It's a very dynamic quilt. Beautiful! As for the cheese.......... was it tasty? Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.

Nettie 8:24 PM  

I love how the checkerboard sashings look like leaves at the bottom of a forest floor, the way the light filters through the trees.

Unknown 11:37 AM  

This quilt really glows! It is stunning. I am curious to see how you are going to quilt it. And about the cheese, well I am french, I would eat anything! Especially smelly cheese! Take care.

Rose Marie 4:51 PM  

This quilt top is awesome! Have you considered going without a border and just quilt and bind as is?

CONNIE W 8:24 AM  

So enjoyed reading your post about everything that's going on. You can camp at my place if you bring wine... :)

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