Friday, October 09, 2009

This week has involved a lot of travel and teaching, and I'm just a bit relieved that it's over. There's another workshop to teach tomorrow, but that's here at our Hall, so it will be fun and easy. And then next week I can start working on all the chores that were neglected this week.

We left early Wednesday morning to travel to a little spot an hour away, close to Burra. The early morning scenery was so beautiful, I had to stop the car several times so we could take photos.
You can be forgiven for never having heard of this place before, it's tiny and out of the way, but a lovely little town for all that.

The scrap workshop was held in the community hall, and it's a wonderful building, with lots of rooms and a huge hall with a stage. It may not look like much from outside, but it was so well equipped inside. The kitchen was superb, with two sets of sinks, a stove and even an old copper. It would be perfect for a dye workshop as well.

We made lots of scrap blocks during the day, and one lady made some fantastic crumb blocks from this pile. I'm hoping we converted the girls to becoming dedicated Scrappers from now on.
One of these days I'll pop into the Booborowie Pub for a drink or two; it's been there since 1917. I just love our old South Australian buildings.


sewprimitive karen 3:49 AM  

The photographs are just incredible, especially the first one!!

Tazzie 6:32 PM  

Just love the pictures, and wish I could have been at your workshop. Cheryl told me that you visited at the store and asked after me the other day. What a shame I wasn't there to see you! I don't work in school holidays because of the tiny people, don't I have the very best boss? Maybe we'll be able to catch up at the guild show next month.

julieQ 10:38 AM  

Love your scenery pictures, and also your scrappy goodness. Scraps are my favorite!

Meggie 10:54 PM  

Love those crumby blocks! What a lovely old pub.

woolywoman 10:02 PM  

The pub building reminds me of our buildings in the desert state of Arizona...I guess climate guides design. Thank you for a glimpse of somewhere new to me!

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