Thursday, October 01, 2009

This quilt on the machine is a donation quilt, and it's the third quilt that Millhouse worked on yesterday. We have a few deadlines to meet with customer quilts, and every second of Millhouse's time is accounted for. It helps to have two people running the machine, because even though Millhouse is computerised, there's still a lot of standing involved, and it's really hard on the feet. While I'm tending to the machine Mereth can work on designs, or binding other quilts; then she takes over and I have a break from standing. Having said that though, my feet are still aching at the start of a new day; hope my new Crocs help with that.

I found time in between everything else to make the smaller version of my Framed Cross, so now it's just a matter of cutting the kits for the new set of blocks. Can't wait to get started on that one.

Like Judy, I'm always trying to clean up and get organised, and I never get anywhere. Mereth and I have both shuffled furniture around in our sewing rooms recently, to accommodate new Billy bookcases from Ikea. I love the way it is now, but my Stuff is still a shambles. Like a lot of other bloggers, I'm making a committment; from now until New Year, I'm working on UFOs, to try and clear out all the boxes and baskets. I did the same thing when I moved house, and it was very refreshing. I can't imagine what my sewing room would look like now, if I hadn't been so ruthless then.

I said last year that I'd be happy with 10 hand-work UFOs, and 10 machine-work UFOs. I'm thinking now that I can do with less than that, especially the hand-work. 5 is more realistic, given that I have so little time for it. I will have to get all ruthless again, but that's for the Greater Good. I need to finish those projects, or ditch them. Simple.

We are having such a wet start to Spring, it's most unusual. The garden will appreciate it, but for now my back yard is sodden, so there's not a lot I can do out there. Luckily I have loads of potplants, so I can enjoy beauties like this gerbera on my kitchen table. Flowers are so cheerful, they are a lift to the spirit, no matter what the weather.


YankeeQuilter 10:27 AM  

I use the Billy bookcases too! Why is it they fill up so fast though?!

Meggie 4:40 PM  

Looking neat. Love the gerbera- they were my mother's favourites.

SC Sally,  2:41 PM  

here's a tip for your tired legs and feet, shared with me by a friend who is a surgeon's assistant. During "long surgeries", the Dr and nurses use small stools to put one foot on at a time. She said this helps keep the spine in alignment and aides in circulation. Might be worth a try. Happy quilting!

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