Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Colonial Squares project took on a life of it's own during the week, and I started working on it exclusively. That seems to happen to all my leader-ender projects, and so I just shrugged and gave in gracefully. I definitely needed mindless sewing; my laptop died, and I've been busy buying a new one, loading all the software, retrieving backed up files and trying to track down all those serial numbers for the software. Most of what I had on the old computer is set up and working, but it's just like the whole week was in aid of getting back to where I was originally. Oh well, it could have been much much worse, if my files weren't backed up. Thank heavens for squares to sew together, it was a great stress reliever.

Mereth gave me a great tip about sewing it together; she said to make the centre square first, then make the corners, thus avoiding all those long, long rows of blocks on the diagonal. It's been a breeze so far, just three corners to go and it will be a finished top. Then I will just have to deal with the leftovers, of which there will be a pile. I was a little enthusiastic when I was cutting for this quilt, but that's nothing out of the ordinary for me. I'd better think of a block pattern that uses lots of 3.5"squares....

And because it felt wrong not to have a leader-ender, I substituted these cross blocks. For some reason I have a whole drawer full of these pieces, and if I ever had a plan for these blocks it's long forgotten. I thought I'd better get the blocks made, and then I can start thinking about what to do with them. Maybe they would make a nice border, with a set of simpler blocks in the centre. It will be a while before I have to decide, I must have 50 of these to make. I wish I would write myself little notes, to remind Future Me what on earth I was up to.


Stephanie Newman 3:25 PM  

Brilliant idea to do the centre first! Why didn't we all think of this earlier?? I detest all those long seams but love point thanks for sharing- and you have made me think its well time to back up the laptop again- I often forget.

Meggie 12:12 AM  

I wish future me knew present me! Often, on looking back, I cant help but think..."what the hell were you thinking??"

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