Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Is it really September already? I can't believe that most of the year has flown by already, and I wasn't paying attention. I know I was busy doing things, but if I didn't have the blog I don't think I'd remember any of it. I've been reading a few blogs lately that agonise over why they blog, and whether they should go on doing it. My attitude is that it's a great way to keep a record of what I'm up to, and so long as I enjoy it I'll keep posting. Simple.

We've been having Spring weather for weeks, so the official start of the new season isn't a huge thing. I even have a tomato on a volunteer plant that came up over the winter months. There's something not quite right about a winter-flowering tomato; where's the cold winds and the frost? We had one frost this year, and while I'm grateful for the mild weather I also miss true winter. Maybe next year it will revert to normal, and I'll be complaining bitterly.

I've been in my sewing room whenever I can, attacking ancient projects. I kitted up these blue blocks before I left Rockhampton, so it was at least 3 years ago. As I unpacked the pieces I remembered where my conversationals had gone, cut into pieces for these blocks, and then forgotten. Life is a constant surprise for me these days!

I sewed these 30 blocks in two sessions, and put them together into a top in a third session. I am so glad I have a nice DVD collection to watch as I work; I watched Law & Order and Morse, and it does help the time pass pleasantly.

Once I had the ancient pieces together I started on a more recent project, red and white blocks from 18 months ago. I haven't worked on these blocks for the strangest reason. I love making them sooooo much that I don't want to finish them, because then I won't be able to make them any more. Is that odd? Obviously I just need to get on and finish this lot, then make a blue and white set, or scrap, or brown or.... I've wanted a red and white quilt for so long, you'd think I should be happy to be getting closer to a finished item, but it's not working that way.

I'm really trying to work through my UFOs, which are a whole year older than when I catalogued them. So I've pulled out these vintage hexagons, from 2000, and I'm sewing them together at night, by hand. The hexagons are 3" along each side, which is huge, so it grows very quickly. It won't be pretty, the fabrics are too disparate for any sort of harmony, but I'm sure I'll be very fond of it, uglies and all. I remember fabric shops from my childhood when I see some of these prints, and how I desperately wanted material of my own to play with. What is that saying; Careful what you wish for, for you will surely get it. I surely did!


sewprimitive karen 2:21 AM  

Oh, great post, love all the projects. It will be fun to see several of the red and white blocks together.

pdudgeon 7:47 AM  

i love all those projects!

Dineke 12:35 AM  

I love the blue project. The red and white looks fun too.

Meggie 2:00 AM  

I admire, but know, I could never do a Dear Jane. Insanity would be my name!! O how I love your daffodils. We have had some here in Central NSW, but the cold winters make the bulbs sooo happy!

bingo~bonnie 6:50 AM  

that's funny that you haven't finished the red/white b/c you don't want the project to end.. :) cute.

I love the blue and tan quilt. It looks very much like one my grandmother had hanging up in her basement when I was growing up.

your scrappy hexagons are very nice also! I've never attempted those yet... but want to one of these days.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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