Friday, September 11, 2009

I felt like the blue and yellow top wasn't quite finished, so I added a border of 2" half-square triangles. Now it looks complete, and I'm really happy with the result, even if it drove me insane for two days. It seemed to take forever, and I came so close to sewing one strip of triangles on the wrong way round, discovered my mistake just in time and repinned. If I'd had to unpick it I would have wadded the whole thing up in a cupboard, I'm sure.

I needed some frivolous sewing after that, and these Messenger Birdies by Melly & Me were perfect. Sonia and I bought the pattern for them, along with the reindeer, at Moonta on one of our excursions, and were determined to sew whole flocks and herds of them. Mereth and our other friend Sonia were most unimpressed, and thought we were nuts. Hah! Who's silly now? We made 3 complete birdies in one sitting, and they are so cute. We all love antique buttons, and chose to attach the wings by sewing through buttons on either side. This has the added benefit of making the wings movable, which is seriously cute. They need eyes, but we're waiting on black seed beads.

Next up are the reindeer, but there's no way I'm doing those antlers in fabric, I think they'll be thick felt or something. I have a limited patience for fiddly bits.

My son sent me this picture of his cat, Squeak.

'I haz died in sympathy'

That's one tiny mouse; he said she was well pleased with herself!


sewprimitive karen 9:47 AM  

Oh, the picture of the cat and mouse is priceless! Looks like Squeak is feeling victorious and empathetic all at once.

Chookyblue...... 2:11 PM  

the border makes the quilt.............good choice..........also i am with you and love the birdies.......

Tazzie 6:55 PM  

OMG Keryn, I looooooooooove the quilt top. The triangle border is just perfect. You're amazing hon!

Gypsy Quilter 5:21 PM  

Love that sawtooth border... Awesome!

Meggie 10:55 PM  

Love your birdies!!
Love that cat photo though!

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