Monday, June 07, 2010

A few weeks ago we visited the patchwork shop at Jamestown, delivering a quilt.  I didn't really want any new fabric, but a jellyroll of blue and green batiks caught my eye, and before I knew what was happening, I bought it!!   I wonder if it was something to do with the incredible restraint I showed while piecing this top; at the time I struggled not to buy more of those fabric, and thought I'd done remarkably well.  Then, months later, out of the blue, 3m comes home with me on an impulse.

I cleared my design wall off on Saturday, and began cutting up the jellyroll, determined to use it up before it achieved permanent status on the shelf.  I made sort of  a quarter Log Cabin, which was blindingly simple and went together really quickly.  I didn't want much definition in the blocks, I was after a swimmy sort of underwater feel.  I think I managed that.

Some of the fabrics in this are so ugly I had to grit my teeth and make myself use them.  And they just blend in, which is a relief.  While I was sewing the strips together I had moments of doubt, but the uglies don't dominate.  That's the magic of scrap quilts.

I don't have anything in my stash to add to these strips, so the top had to be complete out of the jellyroll.  I had to piece two of the setting triangles from scraps, but I did it.  Now I just have to get all the blocks sewn together, hopefully sometime today.  The border will prove a bit of a problem, but I will take care of that on the next trip to Adelaide.  I love fabric shopping when there's something specific to buy.

Dolly and I went for our usual walk this afternoon, on the golfcourse.  It's a scene of carnage at the moment, for some reason.  There are rabbit and bird bodies everywhere, rather gruesome; I suppose the cold is killing them off.  Of course Dolly finds it all pretty interesting, and I have to drag her away from some of the more intoxicating  scenes.  At one stage I climbed a stile over the fence, so we could continue walking on the road; I was holding down a strand of  the wire fence, so Dolly could get through, when a strange expression came over her face.  She froze, staring at me; I could see her brain ticking over, thinking 'Hey, if she's on that side of the fence, she can't stop me doing what I want....' And she turned and galloped back to the nearest carcase and started throwing bits of it around in ecstasy.  I was so not amused, but she kept on leaping about, bits of bunny fur flying and indescibable things hanging out of her mouth.  Talk about disgusting!  She kept an eye on me, and when it became clear that I was going to climb back and deal with her, she charged over and got through the fence, good as gold.

Except she stank.  Thank heavens we don't have skunks in Australia, because day old bunny is bad enough.  It was straight back to Mereth's place and into the bath with her, while she grumbled that she didn't want to smell nice, she'd worked hard to build up that toxic-green aura, and it was all going to waste down the plug-hole.  We don't see eye to eye on what smells good.


Laura 6:08 AM  

Love your quilt! My first thought when the picture showed up on my blog list was that this wasn't a typical Keryn quilt and that it looked more like a Laura quilt LOL. I would have no trouble finding a border in my huge batik stash. And great job using up the whole jelly roll!

Loved the Dolly story. I'm sure that was exactly what she was thinking. What is it with dogs and smelly things??? We once caught Maya with a dead fish in the backyard. One of the birds flying over must have dropped it in the yard. YUCK.

julieQ 8:29 AM  

Yucky! I think it is so funny when my silly poodle wants to investigate (and taste) the most disgusting things!

Love the quilt...great use of every little bit!

YankeeQuilter 6:25 AM  

Jelly Rolls are a bit addictive at the store but when I get home I wonder what was I thinking? Like what you did with yours though...

One year my Mom decided to plant a dead fish under the rose bushes...our poodle dug up said rose and lets just say didn't smell like a rose. Good thing we just had to throw a ball into the lake to get him to take a bath...followed by a lot of doggie shampoo....

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