Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It was another busy day today, with customers picking up quilts and bringing in tops, Mereth quilting and me slaving away on the computer.  Around lunch time there was a diversion.  Last week I bought some fleeces from a hobby farmer up north, and they were delivered today.  

Can you believe that all that wool came from a single sheep?  The fleece was crammed into a wheat sack, so it's horribly tangled, full of grass and weed seeds, but still useable.  Mereth and I sat in the sun for half an hour, picking out the best bits and throwing away the rubbish.  We filled three grocery bags with locks that I will carefully wash, but the remainder of the fleece still seemed just as huge.  And there are two more like this!!  I will be spinning this up for years to come, and there will be a fleece every year as long as this particular sheep exists.  Good-O!

I think I have a fleece stash; there's a light grey fleece in the laundry, and a quilting customer has a brown one that she'll bring with her next quilt top.   I don't know when I'll find time to process them all, but it's a lovely hobby.  Mereth has plans to make a quilt with a homemade wool batt...

After lunch Mereth and I sorted out the finished quilts on the bed in the spare room; Dolly came in and begged and begged to have one of my teddies, who live on the dressing table in there.

She's already had a go at Ted, on the left, his face is a bit chewed.  Patrick and Olivia are unscathed so far.

Oh she wants them so bad!!!


Lori 9:28 PM  

There is a place not too far from here that will process your own fleeces into batts, or other things. I've never quilted with a wool batt, how do you like it?? We're wet here, had 6-8" rain in the last week. Even here in the flatlands of the Midwest we are flooded. Oh, it's better than dried out and brown. maybe

Meggie 1:50 AM  

What did you do for Dolly? I think a teddy that is already chewed is ok.
Give Dolly a hug from us!
Morty, Leo & HoneyXXXX

Kerri 9:03 PM  

Wow, I can't imagine spinning wool. How neat. The pics of Dolly are so funny! I can just imagine a happy shaking head as she "plays" with one of the Teddies. She looks so patient waiting for one to fall her way. I like the projects you have going, very pretty!

SueR 7:49 PM  

Do you spin the fleece into yarn or a batting or what? What a naughty girl that doggie is! I recognize that look! She is locked on!

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