Friday, July 02, 2010

I have finished one quilt top with the Fig Tree fabrics, and it's very pretty.

It used hardly any fabric though, which ordinarily I would be pleased about; I've still got heaps to play with.  Except I'm not really sure I want to play with the leftovers; I might donate them to someone in our quilt group and be done with them.

I've had several reproduction projects on the back-burner for months, so it will be full steam ahead on those next.  Time  to put aside the duty sewing and devote myself to quilts that I truly adore.

On another note entirely, I wonder how many of us grew up with books showing mice in aprons and little waistcoats, and lots of little baby mice with cute curly tails?  I actively discouraged that view of anthropomorphistic animals with my kids.  When, as an adult, I faced the reality of mice that had to be disposed of I had to fight off that image of Mama Mouse with a wooden spoon and a pinafore, cooking dinner for all the baby mice.  I didn't want to burden my kids with that little hangup.

The whole district  had a mini mouse plague this year; whenever people met they compared mouse stories, and tallies of how many had been caught in one night (12 was the highest I heard).  I trapped 10 in my bedroom alone, erch!!   And as I disposed of each body I thought that most wild mice don't resemble the cute images in kid's books.  These were nasty, nasty vermin.

And hungry too.  These are little silicon moulds that I make chocolates in.  These were left on the dish drainer overnight, and some hungry mouse thought they were worth sampling.  Heaven knows what he was thinking, probably that it didn't taste very nice.


Lori 7:48 PM  

hehe--great scenery on the header. Post was a bit light.

Henrietta 12:24 AM  

What is it you don't like about Fig Tree?

Linda 5:43 PM  

I gave up thinking that dressed up mice were cute when we had a problem with them too. Ours was not nearly as bad as yours - you must have very cheeky mice if they do that much damage overnight!

woolywoman 10:53 PM  

Ewwww. I live in a coastal town, and between high tides and heavy spring rain we had a rat plague. My dogs were going wild, hearing the rats under the house. The first one I killed bothered me. Then I found chewed up yarn and .this.was.WAR! No problem trapping them after that!

Good thought, to pass on the fabric you don't care for. Life is short, and there may be someone in your group who loves it!

Lori 10:57 AM  

mice chew on the strangest things. My car's windshield washer hose. A hole in the seat of my good lawn chair. The chinese donuts make me hungry!

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