Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We've been busy these last few weeks, and there has been almost no sewing taking place.  Things have to change, I'm getting cranky at having no time for the things I want to do.  So my new policy is at least an hour a day in the sewing room, and 15 minutes in the garden.  That should help me see progress at the end of each week.

This last weekend saw me sorting out scrap containers and deciding on a new project for all my precious bits and pieces.

I like this simple block, and it will give me lots of practice making Flying Geese units.  I think I'll change that large centre square to lots of different little blocks, 4-patches, 9-patches, square-in-squares etc.  That will keep me interested in the project, and let me use us lots of tiny scraps too.

I came across a heap of black and blue scraps, so I made 56 nine-patches in two days, 
and they are nearly assembled into a top already.  If I'd had enough of the pink sashing fabric I could have finished this on Sunday, but it had to wait until the patchwork shop opened on Tuesday.  
I'm ready to cut out the rest of the sashing this afternoon and get this top completed; not bad, seeing it wasn't even on the drawing board last week.

And I was a bit bad at the LQS, and 4 metres came home with me.  (Pink and brown and shirtings, I can't resist, and even more hand sewing needles!)  1.5 will go into the sashing straight away, and the scraps I'm weeding out of the drawers will help lessen the pain of writing up more purchases in the spreadsheet..  I'm still over the 100 metres used mark, despite adding a fair bit recently.

Maybe I need to cut a heap of bindings and backings next weekend, to get even more fabric moving in the sewing room.  Sometimes it's a good thing, being forced to neglect quilting for a while; I feel so much more enthusiasm for all my projects after a little break. 
Time to finish lunch and get busy!


antique quilter 12:40 AM  

you know how much I love nine patches and this color combo is just beautiful
oh my I LOVE It
which pink did you use for the sashing the one in the picture of your purchases, 4 metres of?
can't wait to see this one done, its calling my name!!!!

sewprimitive karen 3:12 AM  

Oh, Keryn, love everything pictured as usual. You must be sure to keep enough time to work on your own gorgeous projects. Also wonder what the pink fabric is...

pdudgeon 4:15 AM  

definitely some georgeous projects there, and some nice new fabrics as well.

Meggie 3:49 AM  

Ah, nice new projects, and the sense of completed blocks!!

julieQ 2:38 PM  

Oh, pretty nine patches! I love your work...you must play more in those off spare moments...like me, I am sure you wish you had more!

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