Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally the move is complete, and now it's just a matter of arranging everything and getting back to work.  The Statler isn't running every day just yet, we've had too many other things to do, so it will be wonderful when that part of the business is back to normal.

We've had the most amazing weather, very cool and rainy, and it's bad for the farmers trying to harvest crops, but Mereth and I just love it.  It's raining today, the perfect day to stay inside and sew, which I intend to do next.

I bought all my pot plants from the other house, so I have an instant garden;

it's so lovely to have all my favourite flowers here, I'm going to enjoy making a proper garden once the worst of the summer is over.  I'm already making huge plans for a rose garden, it will be easy to go overboard as I have so much land here, but I will try to be sensible. 

The sewing area is set up, and it's a little bit smaller than my old room, but I will make do. 

I've stored all my UFOs in the back of the hall, and I'll probably forget they even exist.  Out of sight, out of mind. 
But there's not enough room for everything in one spot, so I'll have to adjust to that.  Maybe I'll make a rule that I have to work on one UFO a month till they're all gone.

Mereth sent me a link to a blog post on the Stash Manicure blog, and I keep going back to look at it.  This woman's sewing room is amazing, and I would love to be that organised.  I'll use a few of her ideas in my new sewing area,

What a wonderful room.

 and this

 The puppies are utterly adorable, at 5 weeks old, and we go out each day to drop supplies off to Matthew (lots of newspaper and puppy milk) and spend a few minutes playing with them.  It's important to socialise puppies, so we feel like it's a valuable job we're doing.  Dolly is amazingly gentle with them, and follows them round protectively, even letting them pull on her ears or bite her face. 
She's like her dad in lots of ways.  I must take some little videos, because this stage goes so quickly, and the puppies are ready for new homes in two weeks time.

 I haven't done a bit of sewing for 5 weeks, so today I will unearth my apricot and brown stars, and sew some more of them.  I think I know where they are....


Kathi 3:03 PM  

Welcome back. Feels a bit weird to miss someone you don't know, but blogs do that- help you get to 'know' people you wouldn't otherwise. Things are looking quite organized. That must have been Some Move!

sewprimitive karen 8:55 PM  

Your posts always make me feel so enthusiastic about quilting. Hope to see the apricot and brown stars! Wonderful puppy and mother picture. Their coats are so pretty and how cute they are looking towards each other.

Henrietta 5:56 PM  

So glad you are back, I enjoy my Oz fixes. I went and bought Holly Feather & Lida last week, still no sign of Bramble this side of the pond.

Anonymous,  2:57 AM  

Have missed you so! And was so happy after trying AGAIN to find something this morning.

You are so inspiring to me. Can't wait till you are up and running more.

You've made my day so happy with a post. You have been MISSED.

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