Tuesday, November 30, 2010

These apricot and brown stars are on my design wall now, and my cutting table is full of scraps so I can cut out more.  Problem is, I don't particualrly like the colour scheme any more, which is why  blue and green and red are creeping into the blocks.  I can't do a controlled colour scheme, it's beyond me.  Before I know it, it's all gone scrappy again. 

I've had this block on my To Do list since the early '80s, so it's good that I'm actually making it.  I came up with an easy way to do it, so I'll do a little tutorial on that as soon as I find time to edit the photos.


pdudgeon 10:57 AM  

looks like a great block to do in scraps! i'll be interested in the tutorial. I'm working my way thru some Arrowhead blocks. I've got the blocks made and am assembling them into rows at the moment. hope to have a full top by Friday.
Congrats on your move being over. I know that's a whole lot of work, and not much fun.

Karen 12:34 PM  

The addition of other colors is adding a pop of surprise and I think it is quite suitable.

Jan 11:52 AM  

It is understandable to me that you would tire of the controlled color scheme. After making one pink and brown sampler I can't imagine working with that combination again! This will be a great scrappy.

Meggie 10:54 PM  

You have been SO busy!
Scrappy is wonderful.
Have you got a favourite puppy? They are all so gorgeous, I would hate to have to choose.

Diane 1:43 AM  

I like it!
I'm happy for you that you finally have the move complete and are able to focus on something else for a bit.

Lori 10:00 PM  

the controlled color quilts look so GOOD in the book. And so hard to make! I just have a sense of "all is right in my world" when I'm playing with scraps.

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