Friday, December 10, 2010

I received a nice little surprise in the post last week, a copy of the latest Homespun Magazine.

This edition of the magazine is well worth buying; there's a project in there from Kellie over at Don't Look Now; I'm a huge fan of her designs, so clean and fresh.  I just may be tempted to try her methods on a little wall-hanging.

On the cover is a Storm At Sea quilt that I made, and as usual they did a wonderful job on the article.

 When I was asked to make this quilt for the Summertime Issue I wasn't immediately overjoyed; this block has always been on my Must-make list, as well as my Too-much-trouble list.  But I saw it as a challenge, to make the quilt with the easiest most accurate methods, and maybe help someone else conquer this pattern.

I made it using Freezer Paper templates for foundation piecing, which worked a treat.  Once I had the instructions for the templates and method worked out I gave them to Mereth and asked her to trial them.  That was actually my sneaky way of making her do some of the blocks for me; I'd better credit her with 5 finished blocks.

I had a pile of blue pieces ear-marked for removal from the stash, and this pattern is great for stash reduction.  There are so many different size pieces, it utilised every big and little scrap in the pile.

I first saw this pattern in the first quilt book I ever bought, The Standard Book Of Quiltmaking by Marguerite Ickis. 

I bought it Wodonga, in 1977;  I was a measly 18 years old, and I was travelling from the Airforce base at Laverton in Victoria, to Wagga, NSW to continue my training. 

Check out that price tag!  It was all so long ago....

The instructions are pretty woeful, and the diagrams are basic, but it shows genuine antique quilts and it has a naive air that takes me straight back to my early, enthusiastic days of discovering quilting.  If I sometimes wonder why I'm doing this thing called  Quilting, a quick trip through this book and down memory lane puts my world to rights again.


Jan Mac 6:46 PM  

Oh Keryn, I've been trying to cut back on my magazine purchases but you know that I'll have to buy this one now. A lovely Storm at Sea quilt in my favourite colours Hugs Jan Mac

Linda 7:35 PM  

Your Storm At Sea quilt is simply gorgeous! I will for sure buy the magazine!

quiltmom anna 9:12 PM  

I love the Storm at Sea pattern and it has been on my to do list for a long time too. Funny how one collects patterns and fabric- much more than I will be ever able to use. Perhaps it is the same for you. Never the less- there is something very special about quilting and the process of quilting.
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous quilt and your love of quilting.
Warmest regards,

Henrietta 9:58 PM  

I am appalled at how expensive magazines are for you!

That quilt has been on my to do list for eons and will likely stay there, yours is lovely.

antique quilter 1:40 AM  

oh I have always wanted to make one of these quilts too!
its beautiful! Yes I have that book too!
its a good book to own I think!

I will have to look for the magazine here, congrats!!!!

Kerri 5:51 AM  

Wonderful Karen! It is gorgeous and, yes, on my to do list. I love how you and Mereth construct your own templates. I have a neat, but expensive set of templates + book waiting for me when I want to start.

Stephanie Newman 9:45 PM  

Its gorgeous! I love blue and white or cream quilts and have always liked this pattern.
The photo in Homespun looks great.

Kathi 8:33 AM  

That was my first quilt book as well, although I think I got it in 1974 or '75. I immediately wanted to tackle something similar to the front cover. I picked my 10 favorite blocks from the instructions, and planned to make 2each. If Marguerite said to make a block in brown and yellow, I did- even though it looked hideous with the pink, red, and yellow blocks.
So much time has passed since then. So many changes in the quilt world!

Chookyblue...... 11:15 PM  

just got the mag the project...........

Quilty Chaos 4:44 PM  

Also one of my first quilt books, although I scavenged it from my mother instead of paying for it. Blue and white is a beautiful combination for that pattern and it's so neat that you've got one off your "too much trouble" list.

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