Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's a working weekend for me, I'm trying to get all the quilts with Christmas deadlines finished.  We've already done 5 quilts this week, but there's no time to waste if these quilts are to get  back to their owners in time. 

The cross-hatching on this embroidery quilt is nearly finished, then it's a matter of filling the 13" wide borders.  At least there's lots of room for quilting.  And the owner of the quilt is going to finish off all those thread ends, which is one less job for me to do.

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas, it just doesn't feel like it at all this year.    Maybe one evening we'll go driving and look at all the lights and decorated yards, that always helps set the mood.  The weather is really strange too, it's positively cold at times, and that is so unusual for our summers.  Last year there was a record-breaking heatwave, this year is the coolest, wettest summer for decades.  I'm loving it though, certainly not complaining.

I even did a little bit of sewing, trying out another idea for using the Easy Angle ruler.

 I've always loved this shape, but it's not the easiest thing to rotary cut with an ordinary ruler.  This is how I did it with the Easy Angle;

start off with a 4.5" square.  Place the 2.5" line on the edge of the square, with the other edges of the ruler lined up with the edges of the square, and trim off the corner.

Flip the square over and trim off the other corner.  You can flip the ruler if you prefer, but I like doing it this way as the markings are easier to read.  You now have an irregular pentagon shape.

Cut two 2.5" triangles with the Easy Angle.  Place one on the pentagon, and sew with a .25"seam.

Press seam towards the light fabric, and add the other triangle.
TaDa!!  I love these little units, they're like houses. 

I can see me making a lot more in my spare time, there are so many nice blocks that can be made with them.  In fact, I've already whipped one up.

Mereth came round this afternoon to do some work, and I showed her the evidence of what her puppy has been up to. 
Apparently Pippi has a taste for literature!  We'll have to stop her chewing precious things like books, she can have bannister brushes and tennis balls and wooden spoons, but stay away from the bookshelves.

It's hard to be cross with this face though.

And this is my pup, in her guise of Hypno-Dog, trying to hypnotise me into taking her for a walk on this windy afternooon.  Looks like it worked, we're off to the golf course.



patricia 12:37 AM  

I love the square you came up with using the little houses - when you get through the holiday rush, could you share the measurements, please!

julieQ 8:07 AM  

Such a gorgeous embroidery quilt! I really like your block, in fact, I made several last year...hmmm, where are they? Mine did not have the little four patch, just a big four patch. Love yours!

sewprimitive karen 10:56 AM  

Oh, I remember that terrible heat wave you had last year. Do you know offhand what the fabric is that you used for the main part of the house? It's so pretty. I definitely wouldn't be able to concentrate with Hypno-Dog staring at me like that lol.

Laura 4:46 PM  

I've always loved that unit too, but have avoided it due to the cutting challenges. Thanks for making it so easy with the easy angle ruler!

scrapsalot 5:59 AM  

For a while now I have admired all the quilts and quilt blocks you show. I particularly like the reproduction fabrics in your collection. I don't have any of these fabrics and then you post the website you get them from. I've gone over there and have added items to my shopping cart. There's no special on postage but I'm still tempted to purchase. Do I really need half a yard of each fabric though? Should I get cranky with you? Nah... Thanks for inspiring me. Regards, Sharon

Sew Create It - Jane 3:32 AM  

What a top idea...I have the easy pleased to see it's got more than one use!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous,  10:10 PM  

Love the 'house' units. I must try them! I love the block you made with them too.

Maggie A 4:02 PM  

Love that block......might have to ship one up also.

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