Monday, January 17, 2011

 This is the current state of my strippy blocks, and I think I'll make another 20 or so , to make a large single bed size.

It will be a donation quilt, to go the Queensland flood appeal.  Lots of groups are making raffle quilts to raise money, so that might be where this one goes, or I might donate it to someone who needs it.  My daughter lives in Emerald; it wasn't that long ago that they were in severe drought, and the dam was empty.  Now they are recovering from a flood where 80% of the town went under water.  Talk about a land of extremes. She's still a bit shocked that her house was one of the few that didn't get flooded, luckily.

I've been involved with a little fundraiser of my own, with the computerised quilting lists that I'm on, and we have raised nearly $3000, which is absolutely fabulous.  It's good to be able to make a contribution, no matter how small. I 'd like to echo Bonnie's sentiments in this post, about how you can give to the Premier's Appeal.  A lot of the places under flood are places I've lived, including the Lockyer valley where I went to Agricultural College.  It hurts to see such devestation wreaked on an area of  beautiful, productive farmland.

I haven't had a lot of free time, so not much more sewing has taken place, but for my own sanilty I need to get back to my machine. Dolly and Pippi know the antidote for stress; a comfy bed in a patch of sunlight, and a quilt to snuggle on.


Meggie 10:58 PM  

Those lucky dogs!!
The floods have been and are still wreaking havoc in this country of ours.

Sue SA 4:16 PM  

Glad to hear that your daughter was one of the lucky ones. It is devestating to see how many people of have been affected in Qld and the months and years of work if will be to get back to "normal", particulary for the farmers. I dont know where you would start clearing debris off your entire farm. Lovely quilt, happy quilting Sue SA.

grostedt 3:58 AM  

Fun quilt! Love your ingenious ways of deling with svcraps to strecth the imagination. It will be a great blessing to the recipient.

Jenni 7:14 PM  

Those girls are so cute. Glad your daughter is high and dry. We grew up in a town that flooded 3 times each year so we all live on a hill!

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