Sunday, January 30, 2011

We raced into town the other day to pick up a few necessities, and somehow managed to pop into the patchwork shop.  Dearie me, how come this came home with me?  I know I've sworn off jellyrolls forever, but I wanted some of this Civil War Reunion, and this was the quickest way to get it. 

Mereth was scoffing at my weak resolve, but she was very quick to accept the gift of a couple of duplicate strips in the batch.  I can see yardage of this fabric line being purchased in the not-too-distant future.

The other jellyroll is Antique Fair, and I purchased that from an Ebay seller.  It will work in very well with some other precut lines that I have, so I'm hoping that now I officially have 'enough' to be able to start a project with them.

I don't know how I feel about the precuts coming out first, and the yardage later on.  Seems like the impatient ones among us are being 'made' to buy the precuts, instead of yardage.  I know the answer is to just wait, but it's that whole impatience thing that we can't seem to control.  In my defence, I would rather buy charm packs, but they weren't available at the places I was shopping.  See previous comment about impatience.....

I'm still shifting furniture around in my living quarters, trying to find the perfect setup, and it's starting to feel very cosy and homely. 

My sewing space is just about done, and all I have to do now is sort out my projects and boxes and find a permanent home for it all.  I like that sort of fossicking and rummaging though, so I'm looking forward to it; I imagine I'll find a lot of things I forgot I ever had once I get into it.

I'm still cleaning up strips, and making crumb blocks, but I will have to start working on a good quilt soon, just to take advantage of all the lovely fabric in the stash.  I treated myself to a few books over Christmas, including Gone To Texas, by Betsy Chutchian. 
It's a pattern book of new quilts, and I don't normally buy those, I like ones about quilt history and the State projects.  However, the quilts in this are gorgeous, and the photos are beautiful so I don't regret it for a minute.  I'm trying to decide whether I make the Baskets first,

or the Ocean Waves. 

I have so many fabrics for these two, just crying out to be used.  Would it be wrong to start both?


Chookyblue...... 12:21 AM  

frustrates me no end with the precuts coming out before the yardage.........but I do like what you got...........very nice.......

sewprimitive karen 2:23 AM  

I did the same thing, just about never get precuts, but got a charm pack of Civil War Reunion to use with the Barbara Brackman CW blocks. Don't like precuts. Your old doors beyond your machine look so nice.

Anonymous,  7:12 AM  

so far I've resisted most of the pre-cuts

only one I fell for was a layer cake (does on sale count?? :) )

It's the "Bistro" line, and it is earmarked for a project, hopefully this year.....

julieQ 7:01 AM  

I too have sworn off jelly rolls...but these sure are tempting!! Betsy, the author of your book, is a friend of mine, and her home quilt shop is about 3 blocks from here...she is a darling lady! The quilt shop showed all of the quilts in the was great fun!

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