Monday, February 07, 2011

My sewing room is still covered in 1.5" strips, sewn together in various combinations and waiting to be assembled into blocks.  I'm tired of them now, but I want to deal with them once and for all.  No way I want to open a drawer three months from now and see this lot waiting for me.  So I'm plodding away, and hopefully tomorrow will see the last of them.

As a bit of fun I cut up some charm packs of Park Avenue that I collected when  Hancocks sold them for $3 each. 

I also have a jellyroll of these, so quite enough fabric to play with. 

I'm making the blocks up as I go, just seeing what I like.  I started off with the pale blue units, as the fabric was too lovely to cut into little pieces; these units show off  the large print fabric very well.

I made the little 3" ninepatches in the middle just for fun, and framed them with .5"strips so that they'd fit as the centre of the block.  I like the little touches of red, I think I want the quilt to be mainly blue and brown, with red as the accent.

I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make these blocks just from the Park Avenue range.  There are so many other fabrics in my stash that would look good in these blocks, and I'll have fun combining them all.

In my fossicking I found this set of blocks, destined to be a donation top from two years ago. 

I counted them up, and there's already 65 made; instead of putting them together myself I'm going to send them off to some ladies making quilts for people affected by the Victorian floods.  There are a few other sets of blocks and pieces that I'll be glad to donate; the volunteers will welcome them, and I'll be clearing out my sewing room and creating more space.  And ultimately somebody who deserves it will receive a quilt.


patricia 8:45 AM  

Before you send off the blocks from two yrs ago, could you share the dimensions/pattern. It's lovely.

Karen 8:52 AM  

You got a bargain on the charm squares. And you are putting them to good use.

Gypsy Quilter 9:16 AM  

Really love that larger area of blue showing off the print. What a wonderful idea and a great block!

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