Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank heavens for DVDs is all I can say.  I'm making great progress on my Lady of the Lake, but only because  a dozen Seinfeld episodes have kept me entertained while I sew triangles.  And more triangles.  And More triangles.

 This quilt is all triangles, and nothing but.  I'm not tired of them yet, but they demand a bit more concentration than my normal sewing.

And then it's a bit nerve-wracking putting the blocks together and hoping that all those points match. Most of them are not too bad, but not perfect either.  Perfect is over-rated.  It will take another long session tonight, but I think I can get it finished before I go to bed.

I dealt with another UFO and forgot to mention it.  I pieced together all the bits I had cut out for this quilt, and now it's squared up and ready to be the centre of an orphan medallion.
I don't like the hexagon shape enough to make a whole quilt from it, and I'd rather do the original pattern in my beautiful reproductions that just weren't available all those years ago.  This isn't a finished UFO, but it can wait quietly in the Orphan box until I decide what to do with it.

I discovered this pile of blocks that I made from charm squares and never really felt enthusastic about.  I'm going to set them with that tan fabric and donate the top.  And there won't be any fancy piecing and triangles either; it's going to be a good, honest, plain quilt with big easy shapes.  Maybe I am a bit scarred by all the tiny triangles after all.


sewprimitive karen 10:04 PM  

Beautiful, inspiring photos as usual.

Karen 10:33 PM  

I agree that perfect is over-rated. Done is better.

Henrietta 1:13 AM  

I am envious of your access to shirting prints, they are getting very hard to find. I am working on a triangle monster right now too and it is tiring but they look so wonderful when finished.

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