Friday, February 11, 2011

Those donation blocks I showed are made entirely from 4.5 x 2.5" rectangles, and they are so simple to put together.

We made a heap of blocks from this size rectangle when we were making quilts for bushfire survivors, in 2009; if you click on the'bushfire quilts' label in the list on the right hand side of the blog you'll find a heap of posts about those quilts.

For details of this paticular block you can go to this post;  I love how easy these are to sew, and there are no places where seams have to match, except the actualintersections of the blocks.

That's sort of magical in my book; it takes all the stress out of sewing the pieces together.  I used to make my students sew a couple of these every lesson, and we got a few donation quilts made that way.  The pattern is very forgiving, and even the absolute beginners had no trouble with it.

We're supposed to get a cool change tonight, and rain.  It would be so lovely to have a break in the muggy weather, I'm sure I'd get  more sewing done if the temperature was more comfortable.  Maybe this weekend I'll be able to tackle some of the ancient UFOs....

However, if I keep buying new fabric, and planning new projects, how will I ever have time to finish the old ones? 

I need to stop finding gorgeous fabric that I 'have' to have. (Wild Rose, by Blackbird Designs)


pdudgeon 10:48 PM  

lol don't feel bad--i had to have some of that fabric line too!

i'm almost done with my curent quilt--just got the borders to sew on--and then it's off to add a new border to an old UFO basket quilt.

and hooray1 i finally got my new camera to work today, so get set for some quilt pictures comming next week!

Meggie 10:58 AM  

I have stopped looking at lovely fabrics. I fugure if I am not sewing at present, I had better not look, either. I would only get sad.

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