Saturday, February 12, 2011

The promised rain arrived, to the delight of Pippi and Dolly.  We had two wet and muddy dogs to deal with after they ran through the garden like mad things in the rain.  We made them sit outside the front door while we armed ourselves with old towels.  Then we let them in and grabbed them straight away, to be carted off to the bathroom and cleaned up.  It's like having little kids again.  They are so funny to watch though, it's better than TV.

I'm making a serious attempt to pare down my UFOs, and tackled the Lady of the Lake blocks today.  It's pictured in this post on point, and much as I love that setting it just wasn't working with these colours.  As soon as I laid the blocks out in a straight set I felt more enthusiastic about the project, which is good.  I made 14 blocks today, and I think another 6 will see it finished.  Then I'll have a think about the borders; I'm thinking something pieced would be fun, and I may have a play with EQ7 tonight.  Or I may go lo-tech with the pencil and graph paper.  It will be good to see this in one piece, and to get rid of all the various bits of material that were earmarked for it.  Some leftovers will go back in to the stash drawers, but most will be cut up or gifted to the Flood Appeal.  One way or another I want these fabrics dealt with.

I'm so surprised to see that I started these blocks in January last year.  I thought they were from August, or maybe July.  The blog is a great way to keep track of things; I often forget to update my spreadsheets with the latest projects, but so long as I blog about them there is a record to refer to.

The next UFO on the list is these scrappy blocks;  they've been littering my sewing room for months on end, so it's about time I did something with them.  I'm so glad there's another  whole day tomorrow to work in my sewing room.


sewprimitive karen 10:37 PM  

The Lady of the Lakes look so good. Your blog and writing style are so inspirational :-).

Karen 4:50 AM  

I like either setting for "Lady of the Lake". I was wondering why you don't like the on-point setting?

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