Sunday, April 10, 2011

 It's a beautiful autumn day today, and all I can hear is birds singing in the early morning sunshine.  Sundays are so quiet here, not like when I lived on the main street.  Everyone popped into the supermarket next door, so there were traffic noises and  chatter. I didn't mind, but I love the peace and bird songs here.  My neighbour has lots of aviaries, and those bird voices are especially lovely.

There has been time for nothing else except work lately, and I'm so weary of it all.  I would love to jump in the car and go visit friends in Sydney, but that won't happen for a while.  So I'll make the most of my Sunday, and try not to do anything work related.  It's so easy to just open a file to check something, and then three hours go by and I feel hard done by because it's turned into another work day.  So after I hit Publish, I'm going to plant my seedlings and then make bread, and maybe have a cup of tea in the garden. 
 I stayed up late last night sewing, so there is a bit of progress on this set of cross blocks, but I'm not feeling drawn to finish them into a top.  They aren't inspiring me yet, so I'll pack them back in the drawer and let them mature a while longer, like cheese.  Then maybe that cheddar sashing will seem like a good idea...

I'm having fun with these cross in a frame blocks, cut from scraps as well as the Civil War Reunion jellyroll I bought.  I have the absolute perfect setting fabric, just have to decide on a layout.  Onpoint with alternate squares is looking good, but I also like it set straight with alternate blocks.  I'll make the final call after I have a heap more blocks finished.
 In my other house I could sew while my machines were printing orders, but the sewing room is nowhere near the office here.  So while I'm babysitting the printers I practice my recorder.  The acoustics in the hall are great; I can play as loud as I like and it can't be heard outside, which is reassuring when I don't quite hit the note, which is often.  Poor Mereth and Dolly still hate it, but it keeps me amused.   And I think it's beneficial to learn a new skill every now and then, keeps the brain cells active.  Or tortured, or something.


Sue SA 1:39 PM  

The garden shots look gorgous. I like the chedder, just not with the brown block, works better with the blue's. But I agree with you, sleep on it (hours, weeks, months) and then only work on it when your inspired. Otherwise it just becomes work and turns ugly and who needs that! Happy quilting, Sue SA.

sewprimitive karen 7:43 PM  

I am so fascinated by your days and your work. Love the future quilts and I am sure you are making beautiful music with the recorder and how wonderful to keep your brain cells alive :-). We should all get recorders.

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