Saturday, April 23, 2011

 I have the Drab blocks in one piece, with the leftover strips used as piano key borders top and bottom.  It doesn't look too bad, but I still think the best thing to say about it is that it won't show the dirt, being so dingy already.  Hilary was right to say in the comments that it would be a good 'bloke' quilt, so I think it will get quilted and donated.

I quilted a second donation quilt today, but don't have a photo yet.  A friend made three tops and we're quilting and binding them, and then we'll move on to the stack of tops we've made.

This one was done yesterday, and it too will be good for a guy. It feels great to be getting quilts done and ready to donate; we've been so busy that there just wasn't time to tackle them.

 It's easier for me to stay at Mereth's place while I'm looking after both dogs, so I've taken over her sewing room.

She will have a fit at the messy photo, but I'll clean it up before she gets back.  I'm cutting up the Antique Fair jellyroll, and playing about with different blocks.  I think I'll have to add in fabrics from the stash, I don't like working entirely within a range; it's just too limiting.  These are lovely fabrics, and I want to combine them with other favourites.
  I lent Mereth my little Canon camera, which means I have to lug about my big Nikon, and try to remember how to take decent photos.  It's far superior to the point-and-shoot one, so I should get serious about using it all the time.  Every evening on our walks the sky and clouds are glorious, and the little camera is hopeless at capturing the display.  Hopefully the big camera will do a better job, once I figure out how to work it.


sewprimitive karen 5:51 AM  

The landscape shot is extraordinary!!

SeamedUP 6:00 AM  

the so called 'drab quilt' is gorgeous. Just throw in some yellow for a final border and it will shine!

Great work!

Amanda 10:16 AM  

I have a big, expensive Nikon that OH bought me that gathers dust unless I'm in a 'photographic' mood. Otherwise my little cannon is used until the lens doesn't want to work any more. We've just bought the 4th one in 10 years, they are such easy joy. Love the ending shot.

Blogless me 5:48 AM  

Love the quilts! I actually would love to have one myself and I'm definitely not a bloke ;-).

Happy Easter!

Sue SA 1:51 AM  

You could call it drab, but I prefer "modern hues"!!! Definately not me either, but thats the beauty of making something for someone else, happy quilting Sue.

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