Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally I have time to write a post, and I've finished something and I have the photos.  It's so hard to get all three things lined up, that's why two weeks have gone by since the last entry.  This year is going so quickly, everyone I talk to says the same thing.  It will be Christmas before we know it.

 The Jacob's Ladder is in one piece and I love the way it turned out.  I made 63 blocks, which was quite enough.  It will make a nice large single bed quilt, and I enjoyed them enough to think that I will one day make a larger quilt from these blocks.  I think a blue and white one would be really stunning, so that will go into the ideas file for later.

I love all these fabrics together, I tried to use ones that I treasured and hadn't cut into before, but I also used up the very last scraps of some of my favourites.  That material in the top right of the photo was bought in 1981, and I have eked it out over the last 30 years.  This is it's last time in the scrap drawer, all gone now!

My garden is putting on a brave show in this cold, rainy weather.  Everything is rather waterlogged, but the pansies are battling the conditions to put a little colour into my life. 
I just love these antique ruffled ones, I will definitely look out for them next year.  I love the plain ones, but these look to be straight off a Victorian postcard. 


Andrea 1:59 AM  

It's a beauty - I love the almost woven like effect. Now that 30 yr old fabrics all gone what's the betting you'll find some more in a junk shop or something ? Lol xx

sewprimitive karen 3:03 AM  

Oh, Keryn, it's so pretty, such nice vintage-y colors.

Kelly HH,  4:20 AM  

Keryn, your quilt is just lovely.

Jan 11:08 AM  

Great quilt top; so soft, and antiquey looking.
Pretty flowers, too. Flowers in winter! Iris, right?

julieQ 3:03 PM  

Gosh, what a lovely quilt...I love the close up, but the view from afar is just wonderful!

antique quilter 5:16 PM  

oh love your quilt top, simple blocks to me just sing when you use lots of different fabrics, ah and yes I see some treasures in here!
thanks for sharing

Caroline in NH 3:01 PM  

Love the colors in this one! Beautiful quilt!

carol fun 8:01 PM  

This quilt is simply beautiful!

Nola 5:47 AM  

Love the soft colours, Keryn. This block is a favourite of mine and I've made several in different colourways. I suspect there might be another in my future, too.

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