Sunday, October 09, 2011

I've had a reasonably productive weekend, but it seems to have gone by far too quickly.  I still haven't finished any of my projects, and that is starting to irritate me.  Must Try Harder....

I cut up a pile of fabric yesterday to make this stack of pieces for the border of my Flyfoot quilt.

Today I switched on the sewing machine and iron, then put on the DVDs of the appendices of Lord of the Rings, and watched close to 9 hours of documentary footage about how they made the movies.  It's all excellent stuff, but as I've seen it all before I didn't have to watch every minute.  I could follow along with a glance, and stop to watch the interesting bits, and it really helped me stay at the machine longer than I normally could.
I buckled down and finished the blocks, then cut out the setting squares, and the borders, using evey last skerrick of fabric from my stash and Mereth's.  It took 3 and a half metres, and all I had left afterwards was two 8.5" squares.  Talk about cutting it close!

I turned the pile of pieces into 156 HST units

and pressed them neatly.

I was busy sewing them into the border strips when I thought that I should really sew the blocks together first, and complete the borders last.  Fine, I switched tack and in short order I had the blocks sewn into 4 sections.

Then I decided to give one yellow square with a stubborn crease a spray from the water bottle before ironing it.  For some reason the brown from my ancient ironing board cover, which has been perfectly fine for three years, instantly bled onto the block and left a big dark stain.  At this stage I was getting tired of the whole process, and I decided I'd keep going, and wash the top later to get the mark out.  Then, as I was ironing the last strip, the iron touched a piece of plastic shelf matting and before I knew it I'd swiped pink melted goop all over another yellow square.

So it's all been put aside for now, and tomorrow I will unpick those two blocks, and replace then with the two spare ones, the only fabric left over, and I will be ever so careful when it comes time to iron them.

It's looking good though;I just hope there are no more incidents before it becomes a finished quilt.


Sue SA 1:58 PM  

What is it about irons, mine played up on the weekend also...very frustrating! I admire your persistance, nine hours is a marathon and I would need a soak in a hot tub for my back to recover. Happy quilting, Sue.

Dora, the Quilter 4:44 PM  

Sounds very productive. Good for you!

Anonymous,  9:37 PM  

I press a big square of kitchen freezer paper on my ironing board and mini ironing press by the machine and that keeps the brown spots on the covers from affecting my fabrics. After a bit..peel it off and replace.
Love your blog.

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