Friday, October 21, 2011

It was my birthday yesterday, and I had a lovely day, lots of email and texts from friends and family, friends popping in and then dinner at the brother and sister-in-law's place; birthday pizza!  It's Mereth's birthday today, and you can read about why we were born 36 hours apart here, and here.  Happy birthday Sis!!!

I seem to have completed most of the urgent things on my work list, so it will be a weekend spent in the garden and the sewing room I hope. 

This is the herb garden I planted last week, in foam boxes to help insulate the root area from our extreme temperatures.  I arranged them to leave a space in the middle and filled it with earth, which made an even bigger garden bed.  The ground here is century old builder's rubble, not the best growing medium.

We've had some lovely rain, which is a reprieve from the hot days during the week.  I figure it's a little window of opportunity to get some of the larger plants settled into the garden before the really hot days of summer, so that's what I'll focus on first.  Then I will get all the pots into positions where I can cover them with shade cloth on the worst days, and mulch all the areas that normally grow weeds with vicious seedpods that cause the dogs a lot of misery.  In my spare time, I'll clean up my sewing room.

I've already cut a heap of pieces for the elongated hexagon quilt, which had stalled for lack of little triangles; there are plenty now. 
I aim to sew all the blocks into sets of four, then rearrange those on the design wall. 
It should make it a bit easier to manage than the individual blocks.  I'm getting impatient to see it in one piece, and get all the fabrics for it put back in the drawers; I don't want to start anything new until I'm done with this quilt.

We have only 2 and a half months left in this year, and I don't think I've completed nearly enough quilts.  I want to have a mad dash to the end of the year, and get some tops quilted as well as UFOs finished. 
 How long ago did I make these blocks?  I'd completely forgotten them?
All these were on my design wall at some time, I must get back to them, especially the 16 patches.  I could clean out a lot of scraps just by making that simple block.

My first list will be projects that need to be sorted and completed; after that I'll list the tops in the order that I would like them quilted.  The other goal I have is to exceed my 2010 total of 57 posts for the year.  That was pathetic, I know I can do better in the remainder of 2011. Onward!!
Bold Seduction blooming against
 the old stone of my Hall


Anonymous,  7:39 PM  

Happy birthday to both you and Meredith! In the "good" old days, they did some harsh things. In England, when I was born, mum was put into the laundry room because they didn't want the other mums upset when her baby died. I was a blue baby and she was chastised because she was told she should not have had another baby and at her age! I beat the odds and survived after a complete blood transfusion (maybe I overheard the conversations too). We emigrated before my first birthday but not before they made mum give blood every 2 weeks until we left because they'd had to waste so much on that baby she should never have had!!

Kerri 5:51 AM  

Happy birthday! I just read your birth story and had a bit of chills in similarity. Having an identical twin husband (no verification except their vision is mirrored exactly,lefty, righty, etc), while reading your blogs you have always sounded so familiar and funny. I am not a twin but have a sis one year older and we have always been that strange sisterly close, even when living apart for years. My mom was 36 in 1960! when she had me, the last of 4 girls. She started to hemmorhage and my dad rushed her to hospital. They tried to send my dad to fetch blood for a blood transfusion! Only a nurse there and the doc to awhile to show up. Well, she nearly died, but happily survived in some small regional hospital. Your mom's spirit sounded like my mom's and it made me smile in rememberance of my happy life loving mom.

Sheila 3:29 AM  

Belated wishes for a very happy year to come! Hope your day was wonderful.

Meggie 12:15 AM  

Happy Birthday to you both! That beautiful rose takes my breath away. All the little roses I had have passed away now, and I miss them.

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